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What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 Movie Rankings on April 22

What '90s movie is climbing the charts?

Tim Surette
Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, Thunder Force

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, Thunder Force


If you're looking for the most popular movies on Netflix, you could march on down to Netflix's headquarters and demand answers, or you could just see what's on Netflix's daily Top 10 list for movies. The Top 10 list of movies on Netflix for Thursday, April 22 sees little change at the top, with Synchronic, Thunder Force, Why Did You Kill Me?, and The Little Rascals in the top four spots. Why are people watching The Little Rascals so much? Seriously. Edward James Olmos' American Me moves up to No. 5 in its second day on the chart, and Saving Private Ryan returns to the Top 10 after taking a day off. Where will Netflix's new movie Stowaway (read our review) show up tomorrow? I'm betting somewhere in the top three spots. 

Netflix's Top 10 list of the most popular movies will tell you which movies everyone is watching, but which ones are actually good? We break down the entire Netflix Top 10 movie list and guide you through what to binge and what to skip. We do the same for Netflix's Top 10 TV shows, as well as Netflix's overall Top 10 list.

Based on Netflix's Top 10 from Thursday, April 22

1. Synchronic

For fans of: Asking "What is reality, man?" | Is it good?: It's psychedelic

Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan star in this trippy indie sci-fi movie as paramedics investigating a series of nightmarish deaths linked to a powerful designer drug. It's a weird one! (Yesterday's rank: 1)

2. Thunder Force

For fans of: Melissa McCarthy, missing the point of The Boys | Is it good?: Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer deserve better

Someone pitched "Melissa McCarthy is a superhero," and Netflix bought it, naturally. The film features the Mike & Molly star and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer as a pair of cape-wearing super-powered crime stoppers who get up to some predictable antics. This is exactly the movie that you think it is. (Yesterday's rank: 2)

3. Why Did You Kill Me?

For fans of: Amateurs solving crime using the power of the internet | Is it good?: True crime heads will love it

This true-crime documentary film is part Don't F*** with Cats and part don't f*** with a vigilante mom as a mother uses MySpace to track down the gang members who she believes accidentally killed her daughter. (Yesterday's rank: 3)

What to Watch from Netflix's overall Top 10

4. The Little Rascals

For fans of: Mischief, children, remakes no one asked for | Is it good?: It stinks

This 1994 theatrical remake of the classic early 1900s Our Gang comedy shorts featuring a bunch of kids getting up to no good -- some might call them "little rascals" -- follows what happens when Darla shows up to threaten the very existence of the He-Man Woman Haters Club. (Yesterday's rank: 5)

5. American Me

For fans of: Los Angeles gang life, HBO's Oz | Is it good?: It's a classic of the genre

Edward James Olmos produced, directed, and starred in this 1992 drama that looks at Latino gang life in Los Angeles. Olmos plays a gangster over 30 years, from upstart teen hooligan to leader of one of the most powerful gangs in Los Angeles. It's feels dated nowadays, but O.G.s love it. (Yesterday's rank: 9)

6. The Zookeeper's Wife

For fans of: Jessica Chastain petting bunnies, Holocaust movies | Is it good?: It's moving, but not as good as it could be

Jessica Chastain stars in this historical drama based on the true story of a man and woman who hid Jewish people in their zoo during Nazi occupation in the late 1930s. (Yesterday's rank: 6)

7. Rush

For fans of: Fast cars, fast action, fast women | Is it good?: It's a good sports drama

Who wants to see Chris Hemsworth with his shirt off getting hot and heavy with Olivia Wilde and Natalie Dormer? Thor stars as Formula One driver James Hunt, a hard-partying stud who's pushed to his limit when his Australian rival Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) enters the circuit in the 1970s. (Yesterday's rank: 4)

8. Barbie & Chelsea: The Lost Birthday

For fans of: International date line confusion, dancing animals, the color pink | Is it good?: It's exactly what you'd expect

Barbie's little sister Chelsea misses her birthday when her family goes on an cruise and they cross the international date line (can relate, I hate it when that happens!), so Chelsea does what any kid would do in that situation: She disembarks and goes to a magical island where she meets talking animals. (Yesterday's rank: 7)

What to watch from Netflix's Top 10 TV Shows

9. The Secret Life of Pets 2

For fans of: Secret Life of Pets 1, canceling Louis C.K. | Is it good?: Yeah, it's family fun

Max the dog (voiced by Patton Oswalt in this film after Louis C.K. was booted from the franchise) gets a case of the jellies when his owner has a kid who takes up all her attention. But don't worry, they work it out in the end. (Yesterday's rank: 10)

10. Saving Private Ryan

For fans of: War, Tom Hanks | Is it good?: It's a classic

Tom Hanks risks (and loses) the lives of many soldiers to save one, but because that one is Matt Damon, the audience realizes it's worth it. (Yesterday's rank: n/a)

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Lihi Kornowski, Losing Alice

Lihi Kornowski, Losing Alice

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