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These Are the Best Shows and Movies to Watch on Netflix in April

Get into the Grishaverse with Shadow and Bone

Kelly Connolly
Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone


Looking for the best new shows and movies to watch on Netflix this month? The weather may be heating up, but buzzy new fantasy series Shadow and Bone will transport you to the tundra on April 23. The anticipated new drama is an adaptation of Leigh Bardugo's bestselling Grishaverse book series. If reality TV is more your speed, Netflix is bringing you more of The Circle, the competition series that that isolates contestants from each other. Watching people sit alone in their rooms and communicate via social media was a gimmick when the show premiered in early 2020; now, it's just life. Season 2 premieres on April 15; new batches of episodes will drop each Wednesday until early May. 

Highlights in April also include Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin's Concrete Cowboy, a true crime docuseries about an infamous art theft, and a star-studded thriller set in space, if The Circle isn't claustrophobic enough for you.

Our list of suggestions for the best shows and moves on Netflix in April is below, but here's the full list of what's new on Netflix in April. If you'd like even more hand-picked suggestions, click over to our full list of recommendations.

The Best TV Shows and Movies on Netflix in April

Worn Stories
Available April 1
Everyone's got that one article of clothing they'll never get rid of. Worn Stories, a new docuseries by Emily Spivack based on her novel of the same name, explores the sentimental value people attach to their clothes through conversations with real people, who talk about the things in their closet that hold meaning for them. You're already thinking about what story you'd tell, aren't you?

Concrete Cowboy
Available April 2
A Western drama with a welcome twist, Concrete Cowboy follows a rebellious teen (Caleb McLaughlin) from Detroit who's sent to live with his estranged father (Idris Elba) in Philadelphia, where he learns about the city's long tradition of urban cowboys. It's a coming-of-age story told on horseback, and it spotlights a very real, very cool riding culture that's long overdue for this kind of attention.

This Is a Robbery: The World's Biggest Art Heist
Available April 7
In 1990, two men posing as police officers robbed Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum of $500 million in art. Over 30 years later, none of that work has been recovered, and the case remains unsolved. That infamous art theft is the subject of this four-part true crime docuseries, which digs into the mystery of who took those paintings and where they are now. The series also promises some juicy mafia drama, because it's Boston.  

The Circle
Season 2 premieres April 14; four episodes at a time premiere each Wednesday until the May 5 finale 
Now, THIS is reality: Netflix's competition series follows contestants who are confined to their own rooms in an apartment complex and can only communicate with each other over social media. Beyond that all-too-familiar premise that we've lived for ourselves over the last year, each contestant has the decision to groom their profiles and online personalities how they see fit to be favored by others, who vote on who stays and who goes until there's one winner. That means some will intentionally catfish others, which is where the real fun and experimentation come into play. Season 1 ended up being surprisingly good-hearted as real friendships developed, but will Season 2 favor those who take advantage of that? -Tim Surette

Arlo the Alligator Boy
Available April 16
It is useless to resist tappin' your toes to this charming animated musical film, so don't even try. Maybe your kids will get into the act too as young Arlo, who is half gator and half human child, travels from the bayou to New York City to find his father, singing addictive ditties with various swamp creatures along the way. (Dancing possums? Yes please.) The vibe is overwhelmingly positive and wholesome, with a diverse cast and strong message to embrace your uniqueness. American Idol's Michael J. Woodard provides the pipes for Arlo, with Haley Tju, Jonathan Van Ness, and Mary Lambert also in the diverse voice cast. -Tim Surette

Available April 22
Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Toni Collette, and Shamier Anderson star in this tense thriller about a mission Mars gone awry. The crew on the two-year mission face the ultimate moral dilemma when they discover an accidental stowaway (Anderson) on their ship, and they don't have enough life support for everyone. Being trapped on a spaceship for years sounds bad; being trapped on a spaceship that's slowly killing everyone sounds worse.

Shadow and Bone
Available April 23
Get into the Grishaverse with this hotly anticipated adaptation of Leigh Bardugo's bestselling book series Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows. The fantasy series, which takes place in a world cleaved in two by a magical expanse of darkness known as the Shadow Fold, follows a young soldier named Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), who discovers her own hidden power that could finally unite her divided country. The show will also incorporate characters from heist adventure Six of Crows, meaning even fans of the books won't know exactly what to expect from this story.

Amanda Seyfried, Things Heard and Seen

Amanda Seyfried, Things Heard and Seen

Anna Kooris/NETFLIX

Things Heard and Seen
Available April 29
Amanda Seyfried and James Norton play a Manhattan couple who move to an old Hudson Valley home with a sinister history — and uncover something equally sinister in their marriage, of course. Based on the novel by Elizabeth Brundage, the supernatural thriller also stars Natalia Dyer, Alex Neustaedter, Rhea Seehorn, and F. Murray Abraham, so we know the cast is going to bring it.

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