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This Masked Singer Fan Theory About Serpent Is So Crazy It Just Might Be True

The numerical clue was a dead giveaway

Malcolm Venable

He's only appeared on The Masked Singer once, but the way Serpent rocked his rendition of "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by the Proclaimers in his first outing, there's little doubt this slithering singer is someone very comfortable behind the mic and on a stage. Given how fabulously and fearlessly he owned the stage as he performed, it's safe to guess he'll be around for a long time in the competition -- and it's hard to imagine producers putting someone who's not top tier in that amazing costume with the self-moving arms. But who could this slippery singer posssssssibly be? The clues he dropped already provide some strong insights. 

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The clues so far: 

We saw him in a library by books that read "How to Dig Yourself Out of Debt," and 'How to Be a Good Serpent."
+ There was a map that hinted at a Caribbean connection.
+ He's into musicology and medicine.
+ The number 31118 is a clue.
+ He called himself a troublemaker.
+ He hinted very strongly that he's a Jr.
Judges guesses: John Legend. Daveed Diggs. Leslie Odom Jr. 
It's probably: Leslie Odom Jr. At least one astute fan has noted that the 31118 clue alludes to Leslie's 3 albums, 11 stage productions, and 18 years on Broadway. Another interpretation of that number is that it might be from Romans 3:11-18, written by Paul -- the name of the character Odom played in Rent. Serpent is obviously a gifted singer, as Odom is, and the Jr. hint pretty much seals it. 

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The Masked Singer, Serpent

The Masked Singer, Serpent


The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c.