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The Masked Singer Season 5: Every Celebrity and Singer Under the Masks

The winner has finally been crowned, but did you guess their identity correctly?

Jean Bentley

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer's Season 5 finale. Read at your own risk!] 

The fifth season of The Masked Singer has been a wild ride, especially for anyone who came of age in the early 2000s. If you ever burned CDs with songs you downloaded off of Limewire, this season was for you! That fact is especially apparent in the Season 5 finale episode, which unmasked 2 more Millennial childhood icons as the winner and two runners-up were crowned from the remaining three contestants: Black Swan, Piglet and Chameleon. 

Season 4 winner LeAnn Rimes, a.k.a. Sun, joined judges Robin ThickeJenny McCarthyKen Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger for the episode, which wrapped up the Fox reality competition's second pandemic-produced season that was filled with multiple new twists. For starters, McCarthy's husband, Donnie Wahlberg, was revealed as the performer behind mysterious rooster "Cluedle-Doo," who occasionally interrupted the season with secret viewer-only clues and would remove some of the judges' clues to further obfuscate the identities of the celebrity contestants.

There was also the introduction of a Wild Card round, which saw four new contestants join the competition in the middle (with just one remaining in the competition), a guest host (Niecy Nash stepped in for the first five episodes of the season after Nick Cannon tested positive for COVID-19), and Cannon as a competitor (he stepped into one of the show's iconic costumes as a Wild Card contestant to announce his return to the production). 

But listen: We know why you're really here — to get into the clues and find out once and for all which celebs disguised themselves on Season 5 of The Masked Singer! This season's masked celebrity contestants boast a combined 26 Grammy nominations, nine multi-Platinum singles, four Oscar nominations, three Super Bowl appearances, six gold medals and two world records. Read on for more of what we know about each contestant, our best guesses as to their identity, and the final reveals.

Piglet — WINNER!

Piglet, The Masked Singer

Piglet, The Masked Singer


Cluedle-Doo's clue: Piglet knows how to stay cool, even in the heat. His most important clue was the whiteboard reading 3528 Rushing In./Game. Cluedle-Doo withheld his mind reader from the judges but revealed that he's been following this guy's career since he caught touchdowns from Dan Marino.

The other clues so far: The clue package is framed like a Bachelor-esque dating show called Love in the Mud. He's a part-time lover, full-time ham, and a hopeless romantic. Other clues include an alarm clock, a question mark, a rose, and the admission that the world saw his heartbreak. Some flowers have very sharp thorns, he says, and he wears his heart on his sleeve (via a heart and ax tattoo). There's a fortune cookie with a "Golden Mask" fortune inside, and he tells the judges that he only found out he was doing the show four days prior. Last week's love song made him feel right at home. There's a football theme going through this package, with a whiteboard reading "don't be a ball hog" and "3538 rushing yards per game." He says that he never expected a lifetime of competition with his arch-rivals, and "clear eyes, full belly, can't lose." There's also a game clock with 50:10 to go and a suit of armor. 

His childhood crush was Meg Ryan. Ahead of his third performance, Piglet says the experience has given him a jolt of adrenaline after a static year. He discusses meeting someone unexpected he wants to grow old with and starting a family. Imagery includes cell door bars (he was "getting grilled"), a flower lei, a magic lamp, a spider, a corncob, palm trees. His meaningful object clue is a set of dog tags that he says represent the most meaningful items in his life. Piglet's life hasn't always been smooth sailing. A few years ago he was lost - gave up on his dreams, had broken his finger, and moved back in with his parents. But at church, his pastor prophesized great things for a man with a broken finger so he moved out to LA and follow his dreams. Imagery includes a peace sign foam finger, sunglasses, a tree air freshener, and a UFO. His favorite food is cotton candy because it reminds him of one of his first jobs. Piglet shared a story nobody knows about him: In his fraternity days, he and his bros decided to shave their heads in unity right before the party of the year - and he discovered he has a huge birthmark shaped like an apple on the side of his head. The latest imagery includes vampire fangs, a brush and scissors, numbers 1-5 (with 1 propped up), and four gold bars. Piglet actually watched season 1 of the show with his kid, who said he should be a pig.  He's more of a serious guy in his real life, but he gets to be a big ham on this show. He's a super-fan of Bruce Willis and speechless when they met because it's always nice to meet a fellow action star. A fan mail letter reveals that he's been on TV and in headphones, that he was discovered in the '90s and that he has had public relationships. 

A "Little Piglet on the Prairie" themed package reveals that Piglet used to have a brutal schedule but now lives "the simple life" with his family. Other clues in the semifinals include a string instrument, a striped llama, and a poker chip symbolizing how he'll always go all in for Jenny McCarthy, especially for charity. In his final clue package, Piglet says he was one of the first people to open up his life to the public and it was before social media, which caused him to become a pretty private person after that.

The guesses: The judges have definitely narrowed down the fact that this is a boy bander, throwing out names like JC Chasez, Jordan or Jonathan Knight, Zayn Malik, AJ McLean, Lance Bass, Brian Littrell, and finally (finally!) Nick Lachey. They also guessed Robert Pattinson but that is honestly too ridiculous to type and I'm sorry I did it. (They're still trying to pretend they don't absolutely know it's Nick Lachey by guessing people like Jeremy Renner, Joel Madden, Tim McGraw and even Drew Lachey, but come on. We know the truth.)

After his final performance, producers reminded the audience of the most noteworthy guesses from the season: Adam Lambert, Adam Levine, Kevin Richardson, AJ McLean, Austin Mahone, Jonathan Knight, Brian Littrell, JC Chasez, Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Nick Lachey, and Zayn Malik. The judges' final guesses included Brian Littrell, Nick Lachey, and Jeremy Renner.

It was: Nick Lachey!

Black Swan — 2nd Place

Black Swan, The Masked Singer

Black Swan, The Masked Singer


Cluedle-Doo's clues: Black Swan has covered a monster. Her most important clues include a globe and a backpack reading "Montana."

The other clues so far: Black Swan is walking through a snowy forest. There's a wanted poster advertising a reward (with "award" in red), a chess piece (a bishop if you want to get specific), a diamond ring, a red square, a dangling pocket watch with the number 5 on it. Swan says she was hypnotized by a Hollywood deal she couldn't resist, but there was a steep price. She walks up to an X on the ground. She is trapped in a castle but says a faithful flock flew to her rescue and set her free and now she's ready to show she's in control. She says that doing the show is far out of her comfort zone. In her second episode, she discusses the hardest decision of her life, which involved letting a person go, then later flying back into each other's lives like they were meant to (and she's thankful they never gave up on each other. There are scales, a rowboat, a globe, a nickel, and a penny. Her childhood crush was D'Angelo, which Jenny thinks means she is probably a Millennial. In her third performance, Black Swan talks about shaking off her nerves and bringing out her inner confidence. The anonymity of the mask reminds her how she was worried about her appearance so she sent out audition tapes without her face. 

She recently hit a major milestone and decided it was time to take a major leap. Imagery includes three 10s, a backpack with the word "Montana," skydiving, a cat, "spot," a dinosaur. Her meaningful object clue is a glass unicorn to commemorate one of her best friends, an incredible singer who passed away and taught her how to be herself. During Super Eight week, Black Swan talks about how she grew up with a single mom in a one-bedroom apartment, and she'd sing for mom at night to transport them to another place. When she became successful, she bought her mom a house, and now she sings for fun, not to escape anywhere. Imagery includes a record player, lawn gnomes, a glass slipper, a stuffed animal with the note "I'm late." Her favorite food is Goldfish crackers, which was her and her mom's favorite snack as a kid. As Black Swan has said repeatedly, she's been nervous to perform - but she's finally feeling relaxed. The latest imagery includes an umbrella, a drawing of a little pony, a science molecule, a photo of New Hampshire, and soda. Her mind-reader clue is a photo of Mariah Carey (awkward for Nick!) because she's such a huge fan and she can't believe she has surpassed one of her records. Black Swan is a super-fan of Cher, because they've both been a part of iconic fantasy films, and Cher was a part of her world the very first time she shared her voice. A fan mail letter says they'll never forget when Black Swan was on Oprah and got the major recognition she deserved. Once again, Black Swan Wants to tell her younger self to ignore the insecurity. Other clues from the semifinals include a maple leaf, a sticker that says "hello my name is 1," an aquarium, the mantra "Be unafraid," and a celebrity VIP lanyard that symbolizes she bumped into Robin Thicke at an after-party. In her final clue package, Black Swan reiterates that she was terrified to do the show because of her stage fright, which might be surprising because she was known around the world before she even got her driver's license. She's accomplished her mission to put herself into an uncomfortable position and breakthrough.

The guesses: The guesses for this singer have been absolutely wild, but after plenty of actor/musician guesses (Anya Taylor Joy from The Queen's Gambit, Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, Emily Osment from Hannah Montana, Victoria Justice, Brenda Song), the judges have realized this is more of a musician than an actor and have guessed Kesha, Demi Lovato, Becky G, and finally JoJo. Though they are still dropping plenty of other names, including Christina Milian, Mandy Moore, Dua Lipa, Normani, Bjork, Alanis Morissette and Carly Rae Jepsen. 

After her final performance, producers reminded the audience of the most noteworthy guesses from the season: Ashlee Simpson, Camila Cabello, Christina Milian, Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa, Jojo, Kesha, Leona Lewis, Lindsay Lohan, Normani Kordei and Mandy Moore. The judges' final guesses included Normani, Monica, Demi Lovato and Jojo.

It was: JoJo!

Chameleon — 3rd Place

Chameleon, The Masked Singer

Chameleon, The Masked Singer


Cluedle-Doo's clue: Chameleon has a history with precious gemstones. Cluedle-Doo caught Nicole snooping around Chameleon's trailer, but says that she won't find Chameleon here — this isn't the only studio he frequents. He crashed the stage to say he enjoyed Chameleon's work on the big screen and rooted for him the Golden Globes. His most important clues include a hand of cards in a performance (ace and 2 of spades, plus ace and 2 of diamonds) and a black and yellow sign.

The other clues so far: Chameleon is on a motorcycle talking about how he doesn't blend in, and puts the "tech" in technicolor. He discusses how his dad taught him how to deal with gadgets, and there's a 007, a turntable, and video games. He says he's here to change the game and says he loves to be in front of people, whether on stage or at home. Chameleon toasts a can of "bug juice" before saying that he knew he couldn't blend in. His whole life has been about embracing what makes him unique, and when he was young someone inseparable from him was constantly attacked for who she was. Tragedy struck and she was taken, and now he honors her memory by fighting for those who didn't feel accepted and wants everyone to feel proud of showing their true colors. He doesn't want you feeling blue. There's also a graduation cap, a wedge of cheese, a sign reading "bonjour," a measuring tape (like at a tailor), and peaches drawn on the side of a taxi. Niecey asks if they used to date back in the day, and she says she knows who it is. His childhood crush was Salma Hayek. 

Before his third performance, Chameleon says that the one person he wants to impress more than anyone is his little chameleon. He fell in love with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid and he wants to be that same type of superhero for his own child because martial arts taught him how to process his emotions. Imagery includes a skid warning street sign, a martial arts theme, and clocks set to 3:46. His meaningful object clue is hot wings because he's always cooking something in the kitchen. A '70s-themed package sees Chameleon talking about how he met the legend he'd idolized since he was young by winning a local radio station contest. Eventually, he worked alongside him as a team, and they're now true friends. Chameleon walks to the beat of his own drum and would've jumped through hoops to meet his idol, the GOAT. Imagery includes a fly, a briefcase with #2, what looks like roadkill, and a photo of animals locking horns and fighting. His favorite food is an MRE of fried bird and cricket cake because he supports the troops. The secrets to Chameleon's success? Doing something that speaks to him. As a military kid he always had to adapt from city to city, and imagery this week includes orange slices, lemonade, a chameleon plane, and a captain's hat. His mind reader is a sneaker. Chameleon has friends who have been unmasked, and he signed up for the competition for fun because he thought his family and friends would get a kick out of it. He has a theater background. He's a super-fan of Jackie Chan, who always brings that rumble to the stage and is his own personal hero. Fan mail reveals that any friend of Martha Stewart's is a friend of his, and he's played Madison Square Garden.

Chameleon loves playing the character as much as he loves himself, because he's confident. Other clues from the semifinals include three bricks, a bridge, a double decker bus, and a snake symbolizing the fact that he shared the stage with guest judge Darius Rucker "when Phoenix was there and the corndogs were delicious." As he said many times before, he originally signed on to do the show because he loves watching with his kid. A bonus result was being able to take a full tour of hip-hop to educate the children who are watching.

Guesses: At first the judges weren't sure if this was a musician, and guessed people like Dwight Howard, Dwayne Wade, and Iman Shumpert. Now they've realized it's probably a rapper, and have guessed 2 Chainz, Wacka Flocka Flame, Machine Gun Kelley, Snoop Dogg, Young Thug, and Wiz Khalifa. The semi-finals guesses included Larry Fitzgerald from the Arizona Cardinals, Riff Raff, and 2 Chainz.

After his final performance, producers reminded the audience of the most noteworthy guesses from the season: 2 Chainz, Dwayne Wade, Waka Flocka Flame, Dwight Howard, Kyrie Irving, Machine Gun Kelly, Red Foo, Snoop Dogg, Young Thug, Wiz Khalifa. The judges' final guesses included Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa, and 2 Chainz.

It was: Wiz Khalifa!

Eliminated Singers

Yeti — Eliminated Week 10


The Masked Singer, Yeti


The clues so far: Yeti only comes out of hiding for a mammoth reason, and he's a wild force to be reckoned with. Too many yetis become monsters where he comes from, but his secret is a village of warrior women to show him the way. Having them as motivators and teachers was golden, and they gave him the confidence to go to the mountaintop. Imagery includes cupcakes, firewood, and a heart. His Cannon clue is a shirt that reads "Aphrodite," because the Yeti is all about love, love, love. Many moons ago, Yeti had a once-in-a-lifetime role that gave him great success, but his ego caused chaos and it all blew up. He blamed everyone else and buried the feeling of failure, but couldn't escape the feeling of wreckage. That's when he grew, and when he got the twice-in-a-lifetime chance to do it again he dropped the ego. Imagery includes the Men in Black playing a ring toss game, line dancing, the letters "ABCD," Happy New Year hats, and a bulldog. Also of note: He roller-skated through this performance! His favorite dish is donuts. While Cluedle-Doo didn't have any major updates on Yeti's identity, his spicy six clue packaged revealed one major fact: He's a father, and rushed home to be the first to hold his daughter when she was born (which was important since his Nana was the first person to hold him and they have an unbreakable bond). His children are always pushing him to be bold. Other imagery includes a stuffed panda, five chocolate ice cream cones, a blue pacifier, and scissors cutting a blanket (?). What's on his mind? Corn on the cob, of course. Yeti has never even sung one of his favorite country songs at karaoke, but he's trying it on the show for the first time. He's a super-fan of Diddy, whom he has been lucky to work with and who has helped him reach success. Fan mail reveals that he's a triple - nah - quadruple threat and that he has stepped up with a Masked Singer legend. Yeti learned to keep an open mind only as he grew older. He grew up without his father in his life, but met him as a grownup and forgave him. Other clues from the semifinals include a sign touting the North Pole post office, a volleyball, and the revelation that he has a connection to Nicole Scherzinger (a surfboard that says "Santa Monica" signifies the time they rubbed elbows). 

The guesses: After a long journey that began with Ray J, Justin Bieber, and Taran Killam (guess who picked that one? Yeah, of course, it was Ken Jeong), then zeroed in on singers like Sisqo, Omarion, Mario, Jason Derulo and Ne-Yo. Final guesses included Bieber, Mario, Ne-Yo, Omarion, and Sisqo, with Robin Thicke the only one who guessed correctly.

It was: Omarion!

Russian Dolls — Eliminated Week 9

Russian Doll, The Masked Singer

Russian Doll, The Masked Singer


Cluedle-Doo's clues: A Russian doll can sometimes have 15 replicas of itself. Backstage footage revealed the three Russian Dolls discussing whether or not they have a fourth member of their group. The most important clues include a hat that said "29" in Roman numerals, the number of squares in the pop art drawing, and the fact that "the Mizfitz" toy store is spelled that way on purpose.

The other clues so far: The first clue package revealed that Russian Doll was surrounded by things that were manufactured, but they couldn't be packaged. Other items: an assembly line with a cardboard box labeled "office," a wheel of a ship, a pitcher of milk, a sign reading "Garden State Highway," one reading "coming to a country near you" with a cowboy hat, and also breadsticks for some reason. The first episode revealed they were two people (and their ideas work very well together, and they're dynamic together), but the second Group A episode revealed a third. There was a mobile of a solar system, a banjo, a letterman jacket with an M, blocks spelling HELP, and the reveal that one of them had an accident and the trauma made them stronger. Their self-portrait was a Warhol-esque painting where the colors "pop," like them. The Dolls discuss life on the road ahead of their Group A finals performance. With the Lincoln Monument in the background, they talk about performing everywhere from parking lots to softball fields to pizza restaurants, and even for the president. A photo of the Snow Owls is there, but what is the link between the costumes? Their "Cannon" clue (a t-shirt in a t-shirt cannon released by Nick Cannon, get it?) is a shirt that reads "What goes around...comes around." During Super Eight week, the Russian Dolls discuss how they've gotten so much love, but there was a time when they thought people had given up on them. They were on top of the world, but when they looked around everyone was gone. For years they went around in circles, and a blessing from the king herself was thrown away. But they were resilient and got back on top by practicing, and sold out one of the world's most prestigious venues just around the corner (as guest judge Rita Wilson notes, the Russian Tea Room is around the corner from Carnegie Hall). Imagery includes the Statue of Liberty, a "Made in Milwaukee" shipping container, Indiana Ave., the subway, and tea cups that read "eat," "pray," and "?." Their favorite food is red jelly beans. Growing up, Russian dolls were laughed at sometimes because of the way they looked. But they've embraced not being cool because they've managed to reach a lot of people. Imagery includes a dime and a nickel, a dove, a wok, and a locket. Also of note: There were only two of them in the clue package, but we know there are at least three. Their "mind-reader" clue is a kangaroo, because just like a kangaroo with its joeys, you never know how many of them are going to pop out. A behind-the scenes look showed the contestants inside the big doll. The Dolls are super-fans of Weird Al Yankovic, because "He's literally given us great direction in our lives." Intriguing! A fan letter teases at loving them to the moon and back.

The guesses: After some truly wild guesses in the first round (Glee cast members, Vanessa Hudgens, Gwen Stefani and Tom Dumont of No Doubt?!), the judges have finally realized this is a group, so their new hunches have included Lady A, Sugarland, the Jacksons, Pentatonix, the Jonas Brothers, and finally Hanson (thanks, Nicole Scherzinger). Absolutely bizarre late-stage guesses included Chad Kroeger from Nickelback and his ex-wife, Avril Lavigne, Savage Garden, Barenaked Ladies and Devo.

It was: Hanson!

Robopine — Eliminated Week 8

Robopine, The Masked Singer

Robopine, The Masked Singer


Cluedle-Doo's clue: Robopine is skilled at not becoming roadkill. A look inside Robopine's eye reveals profiles of each of the judges - most interestingly, Nicole's reads "friends with benefits." His most important clues include the DNA strands, which actually stood in for genes, and the following symbols that are hints to major roles he's played: an hourglass, a colonial statue, a stuffed cat, a lightning bolt, an angel on the phone, and a roman statue.

The other clues so far: Robopine is introduced as "Porcupine," but informs the judges of his new name when he arrives on stage. In the first clue package, he reveals that he was forced to grow thick quills and fend for himself, and went on a mission to get on Hollywood's radar before an angel said hello in a random call that changed everything. There's also a padlock with a key, some DNA, and a small bust of George Washington. After his first performance, he says he has kids and grandkids and is 60 years old, but the judges don't believe him. (And Niecy says she might have once auditioned to be his backup dancer and hints that she may have even dated him back in the day.) In his second performance, he says he has been in a funk lately, and always thought the public works workers in Costa Rica 60 years ago were superheroes to him (a lot of superhero talk, actually). There's also a lightning bolt, an hourglass, a stuffed cat, a throne, and roses. His painting is himself as a heavy metal rocker with a guitar and a spider, because he's afraid of spiders. Robopine has been on a quest for a golden relic, dodging booby traps and overcoming times where his life nearly crumbled. He's always escaped because he's been jonesing for his idol. 

The imagery this week includes a referee calling traveling, a bedazzled chalice with a $1 in it, the number 6, and the letters "MM" or "MW." His Cannon clue is a shirt that says "AKA." Robopine has been struggling with depression recently, so being here has given him more confidence - especially with his voice. Growing up he loved singing in the shower but his family always told him to shut up. Once he sang for neighbors at a block party and he was a hit, he felt a sense of release. Imagery includes baby toys and a roman statue. His favorite food is lobster because he and his family get fresh seafood off the coast of Costa Rica. Also important to note: Nick Cannon is pretty sure he knows who it is, and he's also a huge fan. Robopine's is family was on food stamps and remembers visiting a theme park on a school trip - and now it's crazy that there's a theme park ride based on a project he was a part of. But it's bittersweet since someone who was a part of it is no longer with him. Imagery includes balloons, a jar of jam, drama and comedy masks, butter, and books. His mind-reader scan reveals a lightbulb because he's always got ideas.

The guesses: The judges really have no clue who this guy is. At first they thought Idris Elba, Donald Glover, Jamie Foxx, Lionel Richie and Ginuwine; in his second performance, they named Brian McKnight, Jason Derulo, Wesley Snipes and Eddie Murphy. But they're starting to narrow in on film and music stars like Jamie Foxx (again), Will Smith, Terrence Howard, Terry Crews, and finally Tyrese.

It was: Tyrese Gibson! 

Seashell — Eliminated Week 7

Seashell, The Masked Singer

Seashell, The Masked Singer


Cluedle-Doo's clues: No two shells are the same. He took away her food clue from the judges, but later revealed to the audience that it was red and green grapes.

The other clues so far: Seashell says she was pulled by the tide all around the globe with her family as a kid, and when her career took off it was like a massive tsunami of success. There's a hot dog, a chameleon, a sandcastle, a witch's broom, and a bell. She says she has worn many hats (including a cowboy hat), and though she used to sing on stage she hasn't in a long time because she stopped to pursue other careers. Her second set of clues include a dog watching her, revelations that it's been a while since she was on the stage by herself, and that everything changed when a man asked her out (plus baseballs and a bat, bagels, a cat, a stopwatch with two minutes, succulents, and a heart). She's confident knowing her (baseball?) man is there to catch her. Her painting included a "super shell" with a tornado, microphone, dumbbell, mixing bowl, and the revelation that she "wears many hats." Seashell says she's walked in a variety of shoes throughout her career, and has been called a trailblazer or role model while being stopped by fans when out at the movies. There's a Wedding cake with couple topper, strength supplements, and she's at a superhero supply store in a mall-themed package. Her Cannon clue t-shirt reads "Motown," which she says brought her family together. In her final week, Seashell's clue package is news themed, with a chyron that reads "seashells sold by the seashore for $119." Finally the audience is seeing her who she truly is, and she's beginning to open up. She'll always remember her first time going live on TV with no rehearsal, but it was freeing and everything changed. Imagery includes a Thanksgiving turkey, TNT, a Christmas tree, Girl Scout cookies. There's no food clue, but she says she can make good fried chicken.

The guesses: Round 1 guesses included Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Love Hewitt, but later they seemed to think maybe Ashlee Simpson, Jenny Slate, Haylie Duff, Keke Palmer or Alicia Silverstone. Final guesses included Sarah Silverman, Tamera Mowry, Scout Willis, Haylie Duff, and Vanessa Hudgens.

It was: Tamera Mowry!

Crab — Eliminated Week 7


Crab, The Masked Singer


The clues so far: Crab dreamed of being a star his whole life, and was blessed that his dream came true in a flash. He felt like a king crab, but with every blessing, tragedy seems to follow. It's been a struggle dealing with the darkness that has followed him and his family, but their love gives him the strength to get back up. His performance is dedicated to the family members that have gone before him. There's also: a broken mirror, taped-up claws, fish, a calculator with 2+3, and mini versions of Butterfly (Michelle Williams) and Bee (Gladys Knight). He says that after all the darkness, it's time to let the light back in. In his second performance, Crab mentioned that he got in a lot of trouble as a kid. His mom tried to keep him on the straight and narrow by having him sit with her while she cooked dinner every night, and cooking turned into a passion of his and now his kitchen is the heart and soul of his family. Imagery includes macaroni and cheese, ribs, Big Ben, a knife. His meaningful object clue is a bowler hat, because Sammy Davis Jr. used to wear one and he liked to wear it and emulate it. During Crab's last performance, he had to leave the stage because he was feeling to claustrophobic. That panic attack brought him back to his first talent show as a child at Brooklyn Bridge Elementary, where he was terrified but found the courage to just go for it. The audience started screaming and he got so scared he left the stage, but he realized the boos were actually cheers - so he returned and won. Soon he did talent shows every chance he got, which is how he got discovered. Imagery includes perfect 10s, a Jack of Clubs, and stuffed animals. His food order is marshmallows because he loves making s'mores by the fire with his kids.

The guesses: Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill from New Edition, Martin Lawrence, Bobby Brown, Shawn Stockman of Boys II Men. Final guesses included Ray Parker Jr., Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat, and Martin Lawrence.

It was: Bobby Brown!

Orca — Eliminated Week 6 


Orca, The Masked Singer


The clues so far: Welcome to "Orca's Piehole," a pizza shop serving lemon, orange, and pumpkin pizza. As a 24-year-old close to becoming a punchline, he'd put his audition tapes in boxes of pizza and have them delivered around town. A bird picked him up and delivered him to stardom. There's also: a bowl of candy? And the address 1313 Mellville Court. His painting is street art style with a rocket ship, and says it's because he's always the biggest fish in every scene so he always gets the biggest wave because nobody snakes the Orca. Orca always looked up to his dad, and it brought his father joy to know he was going to become a dad too before his untimely passing - but one of the last things his dad said were that he was proud of Orca. Imagery includes a fly swatter, Swedish fish, $3 and a hawk. His Cannon clue is a shirt that says "Purrrr," because he loves to "purr-ty" but also there are three clues in that word.

The guesses: The judges quickly narrowed down Orca's identity to some kind of rocker, particularly Dave Grohl, Billy Corrigan from Smashing Pumpkins, Fred Durst or Billie Joe Armstrong.

It was: Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray!

Bulldog — Eliminated Week 5


Bulldog, The Masked Singer


The clues: Bulldog says he's had to think for himself his whole life. He's made moves on every green field with panthers and pitbulls, moving fast like a human torch. He's technically the sexiest dog alive, and though he looks tough, he's actually a big softie inside who will do anything to make you love him. Other imagery includes a bowl with the word "super" on the side, a "beware of dog" sign, a cone with "B99" written on it. His meaningful object clue is a sign that says "And...live from New York it's Saturday Night," because his dog house is in New York and he's a lover of comedy.

The guesses: Andy Samberg, Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock

It was: Nick Cannon! That's one way to announce that you've recovered from Covid and ready to take your job back!

Grandpa Monster — Eliminated Week 4

Grandpa Monster, The Masked Singer

Grandpa Monster, The Masked Singer


Cluedle-Doo's clue: Grandpa Monster has trained for battle before. Backstage footage revealed Grandpa Monster picking a fight with Piglet, which wasn't the first fight he's picked before.

The other clues so far: Grandpa Monster says he's reflecting on his long life, and as a child, he used to act out in the classroom before a teacher made him realize he was smarter than he thought. He decided to put the "i" in "Einstein" and become a star pupil. There's a 6 on the blackboard but made out of X's and O's (like a sports play), a test with 97% on it, a 6.2 ton weight, and the clue dudes are playing with a beach ball. Grandpa Monster says the show gave him an opportunity to start fresh. For his second clue package, Grandpa Monster is in a forest with a lake, and says he's always hated his singing voice but this show has given him more confidence. He has sold out arenas, and hasn't felt this free since he stranded himself in the wild, cast away, just to see if he could survive without food, water, and shelter. There's a Santa hat, a framed photo of a man doing a split, a boxer dog, a compass with a "W," a sports car, headphones, and a photo of Piglet on a target. His childhood crush (or, rather, idol) was The Rock.

The guesses: Johnny Manziel, the Miz, Scott Disick, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Connor McGregor, Jake Paul

It was: Logan Paul, who has a WWE appearance coming up. Makes the forest imagery a questionable decision.

Racoon — Eliminated Week 3

Racoon, The Masked Singer

Racoon, The Masked Singer


Cluedle-Doo's clue: Racoon is known for being sharp.

The other clues so far: To get the happy ending you need to go through hell, Racoon says. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a favorite story because he's like Quasimodo — but while Quasimodo was innocent, he was actually a monster. There's a knife, a magnifying glass, and jail cell bars, and he says that he promised if he got a second chance he'd only do good and is still fulfilling that promise today. In his second performance, he says he was star-struck by seeing Jenny McCarthy (and had wanted posters with her picture on them), he started out as a fighter and a boxer and returned to the sport when he was asked to train a leading man - but then became one himself. There are also coffee beans and a train. In his painting, there are bats.

The guesses: Gary Busey, Nick Nolte, Sami Hagar, Mike Tyson, Joe Pesce, Danny DeVito, Tony Danza, Sylvester Stallone, Jon Voight.

It was: Danny Trejo! 

Phoenix — Eliminated Week 2

Phoenix, The Masked Singer

Phoenix, The Masked Singer


Cluedle-Doo's clue: Phoenix only has one speed — 76 mph.

The other clues: Phoenix said "Here's the tea," people always see a winner and they have graced the cover of many magazines but they have always hidden behind a mask. There's a "TiME Capsule" with a "Hopescope 81" inside, and Phoenix discusses how their dad always encouraged them to shoot for the stars. There's a car, bird, dance shoes, and a crown in the stars, plus a Statue of Liberty on top of what appears to be either a Puerto Rican-themed or patriotic cake. There are five baby phoenixes, and one of their biggest regret in life is missing out on the chance to talk to their dad. Phoenix tells the judges that they fly all the time and has flown with one of them recently but they've never met.

The guesses: Tim Gunn, Jonathan Van Ness, Jane Lynch, Caitlyn Jenner, RuPaul, Laverne Cox

It was: Caitlyn Jenner! The judges caught on to her LGBTQ-themed clues, and it turns out that Jenny's first impression guess was totally correct.

Snail — Eliminated Week 1

Snail, The Masked Singer

Snail, The Masked Singer


Cluedle-Doo's clue: The snail is a national treasure.

The other clues so far: After a Johnny Carson-esque "heeeeere's Snail" intro, Snail says he has acted, directed, produced, recorded albums, graced the Oscars stage, rubbed elbows with everyone from Robert De Niro to Lady Gaga to Michelle Obama. There's a teddy bear on a late-night couch, a "Meatballs" sign, a treasure chest, and UFO.

The guesses: Jay Leno, Seth MacFarlane, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Sandler, Adam Carolla, Ted Cruz, Billy Crystal

It was: Kermit the Frog! (In hindsight, that IS what Kermit would sound like singing Hall and Oates.)