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These Are the Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Amazon in February

There's something for every mood, whether you want far-out love stories or chilling thrillers

Kelly Connolly
Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Amazon Studios

Looking for the best shows and movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video in February? Amazon has packed the shortest month of the year with plenty of exciting new movies and shows. On the film side, we've got a pair of romances with a twist: There's Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek's mind-bending Bliss, as well as Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton's YA time loop love story The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. As for TV shows, the platform is offering up a pair of chilling new series: Tell Me Your Secrets, an intense psychological thriller starring Lily Rabe and Amy Brenneman; and the exciting Spanish teen thriller show The Boarding School: Las Cumbres. Amazon is also filling out its library with old favorites like Coming to America.

Our list of suggestions for the best shows and moves on Amazon in February is below, but here's the full list of what's new on Amazon in February. If you'd like even more hand-picked suggestions, click over to our full list of recommendations.

The Best Shows and Movies on Amazon This Month

Coming to America
Available Feb. 1
A little over a month before new sequel Coming 2 America makes its Amazon debut on March 5, the 1988 original is hitting the streaming platform, where it should reel in plenty of new fans and nostalgic rewatchers, because this movie is delightful. Coming to America stars Eddie Murphy as a handful of characters, but especially an African prince who decides to look for his bride in -- where else? -- Queens, New York. It's one of Murphy's best movies: warm, funny, sharply written, and packed with stars, including Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Shari Headley, and John Amos, all of whom will reprise their roles in the sequel.


City on a Hill
Season 1 available Feb. 1
Kevin Bacon is having a blast on Showtime's City on a Hill, tearing into his role as your basic premium cable antihero. Bacon plays a racist, sexist, crooked FBI agent in early-'90s Boston (yes, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck produce) who forges an unlikely alliance with an assistant district attorney (Aldis Hodge) who's trying to crack down on rule-breaking cops. It isn't wicked original, but why mess with the classics? The first season is available to all Prime members for a limited time as part of a Prime Video Channels sampling, so watch it quickly. 

Available Feb. 5
Here's a far-out concept that might just make Owen Wilson say "wow." Wilson stars in Bliss as Greg, a down-on-his-luck dad who meets the mysterious Isabel (Salma Hayek), a woman who's convinced their broken world is just a computer simulation. And Greg is starting to believe her. "It's all a simulation" is quickly becoming the new "it was all a dream," but the movie looks like a trippy good time. And it's got Bill Nye! 

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things
Available Feb. 12
Like a YA version of Hulu's Palm Springs, which is itself an indie Groundhog Day, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is the story of two teens who realize they're both stuck in the same time loop. Mark (Kyle Allen) and Margaret (Kathryn Newton), both living the same day on repeat, find a powerful connection as they set out to find all the tiny things that can make a day perfect. The movie looks like a sweet crowd pleaser, and who among us can't relate to feeling like every day is the same right now?

Tell Me Your Secrets
Available Feb. 19
Celebrate Valentine's Day season by playing messed up mind games with Tell Me Your Secrets. The new psychological thriller series stars Lily Rabe as a woman in witness protection who, according to the show's official description, "once looked into the eyes of a dangerous killer"; Hamish Linklater as a former serial predator in search of redemption; and Amy Brenneman giving off real The Leftovers vibes as a grieving mother obsessed with finding her long-missing daughter. It looks seriously mysterious and vaguely nightmarish: the perfect antidote to a month of rom-coms.

The Boarding School: Las Cumbres
Available Feb. 19
Everybody loves a creepy boarding school. This Spanish teen drama thriller is a reboot of the popular Spanish family series The Boarding School (El Internado), which counted Ana de Armas (of Knives Out and Ben Affleck cardboard cutout fame) among its original cast members. The new series is set in an impenetrable, isolated boarding school in the mountains. Its students dream of escaping the school, but, the official description teases, "the surrounding forest is even more dangerous because a satanic medieval lodge spreads terror in the area." Color us intrigued! 

The Informer
Available Feb. 26
Like a not-Bostonian The Departed that turns into Prison Break, this crime movie follows an ex-convict (Joel Kinnaman) working undercover as an FBI informant who has to return to prison in order to infiltrate the mob. Things go very wrong from there. It's a tightly wound thriller that uncovers new levels of corruption at every turn, and it's got an impressive supporting cast, including Rosamund Pike, Common, Clive Owen, and Ana de Armas (of Knives Out and Ben Affleck cardboard cutout and the original El Internado fame).

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