U2 3d

2008, Movie, G, 85 mins


U2 3D
Uno… Dos… Tres… Cuatorce! The words that kick off U2's "Vertigo" also kick off the band's 3-D concert film, which opened shortly before the tween-success of HANNAH MONTANA & MILEY CYRUS: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS CONCERT. Aimed at a more mature audience and recorded in South America during their "Vertigo" world tour, it features Bono and company performing an 85-minute set of some of their most popular songs. While HANNAH offers an inside look at Miley Cyrus' world, including footage of fans and the singer's own backstage antics, here it’s all about the music. Well, mostly. The classic songs are all here, including "With or Without You," "Pride (In the Name of Love)," "Beautiful Day," and "Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own," but viewers who aren't die-hard U2 fans and have never attended one of their concerts may be caught off guard by Bono's relentless pitches for his many charities and causes; it sometimes seems the U2 frontman is more interested in delivering his message to the masses than giving the people what they really want -- a great rock 'n' roll show. About halfway through, he takes a break from singing and the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights flashes across the screen – working for world peace and equality is admirable and even inspiring, but the shtick wears thin pretty quickly. By the time the free-associative fill-in-the-blank phrases like "She’s such a ____" and “He needs to be more ____" start shooting out of the screen, demanding the audience to open its collective mind, it's hard not to feel that the promise of rocking out was the lure in a bait-and-switch plan to drum up business for consciousness-raising seminars. Political agenda aside, U2 put on a hell of a show. And with 3-D glasses, every seat is the best seat in the house. The film includes some creative effects that further the 3-D experience, as when Bono "draws" random doodles on the screen as a shout out to the theatrical audience. Other fun surprises await moviegoers as they sit listening to the thousands of screaming fans who actually got to attend the live show, but in the end, the question is: "How does the 3-D film version compare to actually attending a live U2 concert?" Well, at about one-third the price of admission, it comes pretty darn close. leave a comment --Adam Schubak

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U2 3d
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