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Universal Planning Sequel to 1988 Film Twins

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito

Universal Pictures is planning a sequel to the 1988 flick Twins — with a twist, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Ivan Reitman-directed comedy starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as twins conceived from a government genetic experiment gone awry who were then separated at birth. The follow-up film, called Triplets, would reunite the two stars as Julius and Vincent, who discover that they have a third sibling — to be played by Eddie Murphy.

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He's Back: Arnold Schwarzenegger Returning to Acting

Arnold Schwarzenegger

He said he'll be back.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted Friday that he is ready to start considering film roles again.

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"Exciting news. My friends at CAA [Creative Artists Agency] have been asking me for 7 years when they can take offers seriously," the former governor of California tweeted. "Gave them the green light today."

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Variety reports that Sara Gilbert (Twins, Roseanne) and Maulik Pancholy (Weeds) have joined the ABC pilot Girls on the Bus, about reporters covering a political campaign.... The Hollywood Reporter has Jessica Lucas (She's the Man) and Alona Tal (Veronica Mars) scoring roles on CW's Split Decision, Karen LeBlanc joining CW's Runaway, and John Ducey and Colby Paul getting cast on Fox's Union Jackass. (Am I allowed to say "jackass" here? In a non-K-Fed story?) read more

On the Bubble
The early word on what the networks will renew next season

Kevin James, The King of Queens

This week the networks began meeting with ad-agency execs to talk about what's in development for the 2006-07 season. That means it's time for producers of current shows with less-than-robust ratings to start worrying about getting picked up for next season. Here's what industry insiders are telling the Biz. ABC: The network's comedies are having a tough year in the ratings, but you can't cancel all of them. Rodney, Hope & Faith, Crumbs and Less than Perfect aren't likely to make the cut. According to Jim, George Lopez and Freddie have a chance of returning. Since ABC has two more hours to program in the fall now that football has moved to NBC, shows that would otherwise be doomed have a chance. We're talking Invasion and Commander in Chief. Their survival depends on the strength of the network's new-program development. CBS: Another season of The King of Queens depends on whether the n read more

WB's Twins — staying or ...

Question: WB's Twins — staying or going?

Answer: Going.

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I've got disappointing news for all those Ask Ausiello readers who weighed in on who should play Veronica Mars’ Aaron Echolls in my Armchair Casting Director challenge. Over the weekend, exec producer Rob Thomas informed me that he's "$100,000 over budget on that episode and we're losing the role." Damn budgets! I'll have more on this in Wednesday's AA. In the meantime, here's some Twins scoop to cheer you up! Nick Lachey has been cast as the new marketing director of Arnold Undergarments, the lingerie company run by Darlene Conner and that blonde chick from Passions. As of now, the burned Newlywed is only booked for one episode during February sweeps, but producers are hoping he'll do more. Kinda takes the sting outta that whole Armchair Casti read more

I know that I may be in a ...

Question: I know that I may be in a minority here, but I'm really enjoying Twins! Any chance of the show getting picked up for a full season? And if not, do you think Melanie Griffith will do Gilmore Girls like she was supposed to last year?
Answer: Earlier this week, WB confirmed that Twins was given a back-order to fill out the season, albeit (for business reasons) only for five additional episodes. Still, that doesn't mean that Twins is going away anytime soon. And that also means that Melanie isn't likely to be popping up in Stars Hollow in the near future — but really, isn't that for the best ... read more


WB has upped the episode orders for the freshmen series Related and Twins to 19 and 18, respectively, using the mathematical formula of "one episode for each 100 viewers." read more

What do you think of the ...

Question: What do you think of the major changes WB has made to its schedule? Moving Related to the post-7th Heaven slot makes sense, but what are they thinking when they show reruns after One Tree Hill? It seems like that would make a bad situation worse. I'm also confused by the changes on Fridays. I understand trying to find an audience for Twins by moving it after Reba, but why chuck Living with Fran and show a repeat of What I Like About You? As much as I enjoy What I Like About You, it is the network's lowest-rated comedy, and I don't see how showing it twice would help anything at all. Please help me make sense of all of this. Answer: Thanks for reminding me that What I Like About You is still on the air. Who knew? And when it comes to WB's double-runs, you left out Supernatural repeats airing after Charmed on Sundays (replacing Blue Collar TV). The reason for most of these changes is simply a matter of cutting their losses until it's time for another try come mid-season. When a ... read more


WB has benched for the time being both Living with Fran and Blue Collar TV, although both shows will remain in production. Melanie Griffith's Twins (the show, people) will take over Fran's slot, while an encore airing of Supernatural will be offered up to the 17 people who were choosing Blue Collar over the Housewives on Sunday at 9. read more

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