Track 29

1988, Movie, R, 90 mins


This Nicolas Roeg feature is a twisted family melodrama-thriller that expands the director's oft-stated premise, "Nothing is what it seems." TRACK 29 stars Theresa Russell as Linda Henry, a North Carolina housewife, and Christopher Lloyd as her husband, Dr. Henry Henry. Through Linda's memories, we learn that at the age of 15 she had a baby who was given up for adoption. Now a young man called Martin (Gary Oldman) pops into Linda's life, claiming to be that son. Oblivious to all of this--and to everything else that concerns his wife--her husband is obsessed with model trains; preoccupied with his "locos" (as he calls his locomotives), he fails to pay attention to his loco wife. Nicolas Roeg seems to pride himself on making weird films. His pictures are heavily symbolic statements that pound the viewer over the head with a Big Theme. Yes, TRACK 29 is weird, and, yes, it must mean something, but one sure gets the feeling that it's not worth the time or effort to figure it out. leave a comment

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Track 29
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