Three Coins In The Fountain

1954, Movie, NR, 101 mins


This pleasant boy-meets-girl story (times three) is more distinguished for its photography and title song than for its predictable plot. This was the first CinemaScope picture ever made on location, and Rome and Venice never looked better. Peters, McGuire, and McNamara are a trio of American women living in Rome in a posh apartment. A legend states that if you throw a coin into the Fountain of Trevi and you want to come back to the Eternal City, your wish will be granted. McNamara had come to work as a secretary and meets Italian prince Jourdan, whose mother, Nesbitt, is watching out that some gold digger doesn't snap him up. McNamara is naive but also sharp in some ways and eventually captures Jourdan as her own. McGuire is a quiet older woman who works as the secretary to Webb, an American writer who prefers living in Rome. She finally convinces Webb that she should be his life's companion and the final scene between the two, as she goes wading in the Trevi Fountain, is a lovely moment. Peters is a high-powered executive who has had it with the board rooms and now wants to find a simpler existence. She falls for Brazzi--a wolf who haunts the Via Veneto--and by the time the movie is over, he's donned sheep's clothing, for real. That's about it for the story. There are the customary romantic complications, but the conclusion is as easy to spot as an elephant at a mouse picnic. There are a few sexy (for the time) lines of dialogue but a general feeling of traditional romance sweetens the tales. The same director, Negulesco, handled another movie about a trio of women on the make, HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE. It was later remade, sort of, as THE PLEASURE SEEKERS with Negulesco again directing. leave a comment

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Three Coins In The Fountain
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