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The O.C. OK, that's it. From...

The O.C. OK, that's it. From here on out, I'm thinking of Marissa as MErissa. ‘Cause that's all she thinks about. I get it, her friend died. Very sad. A peripheral character — here for a multiepisode arc — died. Tragically. Was MErissa into Johnny Wohnny? It seemed like it. And yes, she's entitled to her grief, but I'm tired of MErissa treating Ryan like yesterday's news. So color me happy to see that our Ry guy had some sparks with Johnny's cousin, Sadie. Now my first thought when I saw her arrive on the scene was, "Oh, no, please tell me we don't have to put up with another newbie." But you know what? I already dig her. She shows promise, and hopefully she can get Ryan's mind off of MErissa. Besides, I loved Nikki Reed in the movie Thirteen. And I love her na read more

I just saw a direct-to-video ...

Cry Havoc: Anne Hathaway and Bijou Phillips

Question: I just saw a direct-to-video movie called Havoc that was dedicated to Jessica Kaplan (1979-2003). Who was she and why is the movie dedicated to her?

Answer: When Los Angeles-born Jessica Kaplan was a 17-year-old high-school student at Santa Monica's famous Crossroads School, she sold a screenplay called The Powers that Be — about privileged white California kids who were into gangbanging ghetto culture until they run into the real thing — to New Line Cinema for a cool $150,000. This happened a full three years before 13-year-old Nikki Reed wrote a screenplay called Thirteen about her experiences as a wayward child of privilege, but Reed got far more publicity because her script was quickly produced and she costarred in the movie. Kaplan read more

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