The Simpsons Movie

2007, Movie, PG-13, 87 mins


CBS Orders Stephen King's Under the Dome

Stephen King's Under the Dome

CBS is moving forward with Under the Dome, a drama based on Stephen King's 2009 novel, for the upcoming summer 2013 season. The network requested a straight-to-season order of 13 episodes of the science fiction series. read more

Ratings: Beyond the Blackboard Helps CBS Chalk Up an Easter Win

Emily VanCamp

Amid all the Easter dinners and visiting, prime-time television tried to lure viewers with a mishmash of first-run episodes, specials and repeats, and CBS won the night in total viewership — helped by the new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie Beyond the Blackboard.

read more

Matt's Picks: November 22-25


LennoNYC (Monday, 9/8c, PBS)
While you're busy downloading the Beatles catalog from iTunes, make time for this excellent American Masters documentary about the last decade in the life of Beatle extraordinaire John Lennon, whose life was cut short 30 years ago next month. LennoNYC uses rare archival material including home movies and revealing audio outtakes from ... read more

The Simpsons Movie — Blu-ray Review

The Simpsons Movie courtesy Fox Home Entertainment

It took them 18 years, but The Simpsons finally delivered a theatrical movie! Homer accidently causes an environmental catastrophe which could doom Springfield forever. Now Homer, one of the least responsible characters ever, must find a way to save his family, and the city.I've seen every episode of The Simpsons on TV, but I missed the theatrical run of the movie and opted to wait and watch it on Blu-ray. The video quality is stunning, and it looks like frames were painted on my TV, and the audio track (a DTS HD 5.1 Master Lossless track) sounded excellent.I've grown accustomed to the loaded Simpsons DVD sets, so I was surprised by how sparse the extras were on the movie. The two commentary tracks, one with a group, and the other with the directors, were good, but I expected to see more deleted scenes (there are only 6), and the "special stuff" section contained an odd assortment of clips, like Homer's monologue on The Tonight Show, a couple of American Idol pieces, and a short int... read more

Has Blu-ray Finally Beat HD DVD for Good?

The Sopranos - Season 6 Part 2 [Blu-ray] courtesy HBO Home Video

HBO has joined the parade to Blu-ray after Warner Bros, its distributor, announced on Friday that they were dropping HD-DVD in May 2008. The Warner Bros announcement could be the event that ends the war between high-definition formats. HD-DVD has the exclusive support of Universal and Paramount/DreamWorks, while Blu-ray has Fox/MGM, Warner Bros, Disney, Sony and Lionsgate. Warner Bros, which holds about 20 percent of the market, was a huge win for the Blu-ray group, and leaves Blu-ray with roughly 75 percent of the HD market. The Warner Bros decision has influenced New Line, along with HBO, to make the switch to Blu-ray, but BBC Home Video is bucking the trend and "will evaluate the marketplace before committing to one format" (according to the studio); the studio has four high-definition releases planned for 2008, available on both formats, and has sold more copies of Planet Earth on HD-DVD. Recent notable Blu-ray releases include The Simpsons (Fox), Pirates of the Caribbean: At Wo... read more

Love your column. I know ...

The Simpsons Movie

Question: Love your column. I know you're not a movie critic, but what are your feelings on The Simpsons Movie? I felt it was a welcome return to the "classic" era of the show, with rapid-fire jokes (only maybe one or two out of 100 missed the mark) mixed with clever sight gags, meta-references, and the raw emotion that has made the series "different" from other sitcoms and animated comedies. What did you think of the film? Answer: A big rave from this corner, Steve. I was a little late getting to it, but was delighted to catch up with it a few days ago in an audience that included several supervised groups of kids (apparently on a Times Square field trip). They guffawed like little Bart Simpsons at the silly slapstick stuff (the naked skateboarding scene was a big hit), while I sometimes heard myself laughing out loud all by my lonesome at some of the subtler sight and sound gags. All in all, I thought it was a blast. I'm still smiling at some of the bits: everyone from the church ... read more

Box Office: Homer & Co. Rolling in D'oh!

The Simpsons Movie courtesy 20th Century Fox

Cowabunga, dude! The Simpsons Movie didn't just open big, it opened Homer's-belly big! With a haul of $71.9 million, it was not only the No. 1 flick of the week, it was also the fifth biggest debut of the year. Rounding out the top five are I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, with a $19.1 million take; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, adding $17.1 million to its kitty; Hairspray, catching another $15.6 million in its Miss Baltimore Crab nets; and the new Catherine Zeta-Jones romcom No Reservations, with a paltry $11.8 million. Of course, even Zeets' numbers looked pretty sweet compared to those of our beleaguered LiLo: Her new (last?) pic, I Know Who Killed Me, generated only $3.4 million in ticket sales. See ya soon in The Surreal Life house, honey. read more

Dan Castellaneta: From The Simpsons to Oblivion

Dan Castellaneta

A master of voices on The Simpsons, Dan Castellaneta steps in front of the camera as Cecil B. DeMille in Sands of Oblivion, another of Sci Fi Channel's cheeky horrorfests (premiering Saturday at 9 pm/ET). Castellaneta talked to us about the legendary filmmaker and The Simpsons Movie, which just hit theaters. TV Guide: How do you prepare to play a larger-than-life figure like Cecil B. DeMille?Dan Castellaneta: Basically I went onto YouTube and somebody put the 10-minute speech he gave before the film, and I watched that. I remembered him from a part he had in Sunset Blvd. and even one documentary. I didn't see any [other] documentary footage of hi read more

Simpsons Writers Dish on Movie and New Season

The Simpsons Movie courtesy 20th Century Fox

After weekly letters from fans demanding full-frontal Simpson nudity, it's finally here. As The Simpsons Movie premiered in L.A. under a cloud of yellow confetti and a Duff Beer Blimp, writers Matt Selman, David Mirkin and Michael Price told TV Guide how anatomically accurate a naked Simpson really is. "They have three fingers, what else might they have three of?" Matt Selman jokes. "People have never known what Simpsonite genitalia looks like, and now they do," adds David Mirkin. "We finally lived our dream." The movie, which took four years and went through several scripts, is finally finished — but the show writers' work is far from over. There's still a new season of The Simpsons on the horizon. "We have a great episode that's set as a flashback to the '90s where Homer forms the first grunge band," says Michael Price. "We have a flashback fantasy where Bart is in the Sex Pistols and Nelson is Sid Vicious and Bart is Johnny Rotten. We have a big election-themed episode with ... read more

Tonight D'Oh! Homer Simpson Drops In on Jay Leno

Out to pimp The Simpsons Movie and, much more likely, score some donuts from the crafts-services table in the green room, Homer Simpson is set to drop by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday the 24th, three days before the animated feature's premiere. "I understand I'm doing a monologue," Homer says in a statement to NBC, adding, "I hope it doesn't involve talking." read more

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