The One

2001, Movie, PG-13, 80 mins


I don't think I'm going out ...

Question: I don't think I'm going out on a limb in guessing that you weren't a big fan of ABC's The One. I wasn't that impressed with any of the contestants, and it's not like there aren't 300 other talent competitions on TV right now, but I must say that I was a little sad the show didn't hit. From what I read, it's the American version of the Star Academy format that has done fairly well in Europe and elsewhere. I figure a lot of it has to do with our summer oversaturation, but why do you think shows like this do well overseas and then don't make it here? Answer: Some do, some don't. The problem this summer, as you said, is oversaturation. I didn't even get to see The One, because it premiered while I was away at press tour and was canceled before I got home (and I'm not so diligent as to waste time screening DOA shows). ABC in particular has had a tough time landing a viable reality contender this season, and while a lot of it may be the show choice (One Ocean View sounds like it ... read more

Can you tell me why there are ...

Question: Can you tell me why there are so many talent-based shows this summer? Especially on Wednesdays. I looked in the listings sections, and there are at least four talent shows at 8 pm/ET on Wednesday. Don't people know that if they shove the same thing down our throats, we'll eventually get tired of it? I say we cut it back to only one show on Wednesdays at 8: So You Think You Can Dance. What's your take on this phenomenon? Answer: It is ridiculous, isn't it? But cloning comes naturally to the networks. Look at the glut of procedural dramas. Think back to all of the Friends knockoffs. If something works, all of the networks want to get in the game, innovation and creativity be damned. And nothing works on a grander scale than American Idol, so why be surprised when a tidal wave of amateur-hour talent contests invades the lineup, especially in the summer? It's almost comical when you see Dance go up against America's Got Talent, Rock Star: Supernova and now The One, all on the same ... read more

I know I'm beginning to seem ...

Question: I know I'm beginning to seem like a stalker with my constant questions about next season's The West Wing, but could you answer just one question: If Alan Alda wins the race, do you predict another season with him as president? (My prediction is yes to both.) Answer: I'm still trying to get my brain around the concept of a West Wing stalker. (What, would you talk me to death?) Anyway, all will be answered once we see how well The West Wing does in its tough new Sunday time period. If it comes in, as I expect, way behind Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and even Cold Case, then I think the writing will be on the wall and no matter who succeeds Bartlet, the show will end when the season does. If the ratings polls are more favorable, then NBC will almost certainly stick with it, because what else does the network have going for it these days? My druthers: End the show when Bartlet and Co. vacate the premises ... read more

About 10 years ago there was ...

Question: About 10 years ago there was a show on MTV called Dead at 21. Can you enlighten me about the plot of the program and what each main character's stake was in the grander scheme?

Answer: No problem, except for the part about the "grander scheme," since I can't necessarily bless any scheme in the show with that description.

Nevertheless, in the show, which ran for 13 episodes beginning in 1994, notably bright 20-year-old Ed Bellamy (Jack Noseworthy) discovered the disturbing reason for his intelligence and the wacky dreams he'd been having: government tomfoolery. It seems that those meddling feds — in a bid to increase child intelligence — put chips in the heads of Ed and his fellow guinea pigs shortly after they were born. Of course, like so many shady government experiments, this one was a dud and all "neurocybernauts" (couldn't they settle read more

Somebody sent a feedback comment...

Somebody sent a feedback comment last week that read: "So Dave, I take it you don't like the show." Let me explain what a "train wreck" is. You're driving by a train accident and no matter how disastrous it appears to be, you can't help but look away. A TV train wreck is similar — a disaster that is so bad, it's good. I can't help but be amazed at what has become of the Whitney Houston I admired when I was younger. I'm talking the "Greatest Love of All" Whitney. The "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" Whitney. And, of course, the "I Will Always Love You" Whitney. But maybe this is how she's always been — maybe she's just hidden this side? The way Bobby acts on this show is the way I assumed he's always been. But Whitney? "It's Not Right, But It's Okay." On to the countdown…

10:00 pm At long last, they're at home or at least one of their homes. This one's the main one — their "country club" home in Atlanta. Whitney tries to braid Bobby's hair.
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I just figured out a key difference...

I just figured out a key difference between the hard-drinking Colonel Tigh and me: When I booze, my bad decisions amount to accidentally playing ELO's entire greatest-hits CD on the jukebox and annoying the crap out of the whole bar. His involve declaring martial law, smacking around one of his most loyal people — the Chief — and then ordering an ill-conceived boarding that gets a bunch of unarmed civilians shot up. But moving right along, I get a kick out of Number Six objecting to the use of the word "toaster" because it's a racial epithet. Uh... I know I've mentioned this before, but your people nearly wiped their people out, hon. They're p---ed.

Speaking of p---ed: "You're gonna blame me for your own inadequacies?" Tigh's wife screams at him. "You are so fracking passive that if I didn't push you, you'd never get your head out of that fracking bottle and do anything!" His reaction? A slap, followed by, for some reason, sex. Well, at least we can read more

I am in the minority and am ...

Question: I am in the minority and am not a fan of Desperate Housewives. On the flip side, I do understand the concept of a guilty pleasure, which I consider this show to be. And, of course, it's extremely popular. Since when does extremely popular guilty pleasure necessarily translate into superior acting? I don't understand why the actresses on one show have to gobble up all the nominations. (This used to happen with Sex and the City and it drove me nuts.) I don't think the show is poorly acted, but the performances are not top-notch either. If it were in the drama category, I don't think any of the actresses would be in the top five. What do you think? Answer: Have you seen how weak the drama-actress category is? Dramatically speaking, Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman would easily qualify, and I'm thinking Cross in particular could give Glenn Close more of a run for her money than any of this year's other drama contenders. (Close would probably still win.) Hot ensemble shows, ... read more

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