The Mouse On The Moon

1963, Movie, NR, 85 mins


An inferior sequel to THE MOUSE THAT ROARED, this time the little Grand Duchy of Fenwick is in trouble again due to their wine output. The bottles explode upon opening, and the queen, Rutherford, doesn't know what to do. Moody, the Prime Minister, is handling all the complaints, but his main concern is the problems with the castle's plumbing. He then devises the idea of asking the US for funds so that Fenwick can join the space race and put one of their Fenwickians on the moon. It's all a ruse, of course, to get money, and the US falls for it, granting the tiny country some cash for their space program. The Russians, not to be outdone, donate one of their rockets to the country. Now the British step in and send their ace operative, Terry-Thomas, to see what's going on. Meanwhile Kossoff (who had made the Q-bomb in the first film) finds a use for the Fenwickian wine: it's perfect as rocket fuel. Moody's son, Cribbins, and Kossoff decide to launch the Russian rocket in order to get Cribbins' girl friend, Ritchie, back into Cribbins' arms. No one expects the rocket to work but it goes soaring heavenward with American and Russian space vehicles close behind. The flag of Grand Fenwick is placed on the moon and the American and Russian astronauts softly crash-land on the lunar surface where Cribbins offers them a free ride back to Earth. This doesn't come close to the original in wit, style, or farce, although if the former had never been made, THE MOUSE ON THE MOON could weakly stand on its own as a mild comedy. leave a comment

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The Mouse On The Moon
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