The Kibitzer

1929, Movie, NR, 77 mins

Story about a Yiddish man who insists on giving everyone advice. Through a mistake he is given untold riches in stocks, which he is free to spend as he pleases. Meanwhile, his daughter (Brian) has fallen in love with Hamilton (Commissioner Gordon of TV's "Batman" 35 years later), a poor boy with a good heart. Following Green's advice, Hamilton bets on a horse that doesn't stand a chance of winning. Of course, the nag comes in on the money and Hamilton is now well off. The story climaxes as Green has seemingly lost everything when his stock suddenly bottoms out, but it turns out he has been saved by his brother. The only English that the brother knows is "Yes, sure,...
Released: 1929 Rated: NR Length: 77 mins

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The Kibitzer
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The Kibitzer
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