The Godfather, Part III

1990, Movie, R, 161 mins


The sequel that was never meant to be, and one that, ultimately, few of the original players could refuse. Out of the resulting confusion--budget excesses, creative clashes, last-second rewrites, cast dissension, a breakneck pace--emerged one of the most frustrating films of 1990, an epic without epic scope, a muted, strained, unnatural affair that never comes into dramatic focus. Coppola's wisest move in PART III was to not try to take the Corleone saga into a radically different direction. Instead, the third part becomes an extended coda to the ending of PART II, as Michael continues to fulfill his tragic legacy, doing his best for his family, only to destroy it in the process. Much of the critical drubbing the movie received centered on Coppola's ill-advised casting of his daughter, Sofia, in the crucial role of Michael's daughter, Mary. leave a comment

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The Godfather, Part III
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