The Disappearance Of Finbar

1998, Movie, NR, 103 mins


A tedious shaggy-dog story that works better as a travelogue of faraway places than the quirky road picture it tries so hard to be. Sick and tired of life in the concrete Dublin suburb he calls home, young and rebellious Finbar Flynn (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) scales an unfinished highway overpass and disappears, to the astonishment of the girl Finbar seduced and abandoned (Lorraine Pilkington) and his best friend Danny (Luke Griffin). Three years later, Finbar is a legend, his disappearance a persistent puzzle in a dying town where there's little better to do than speculate; he's even become the subject of an international hit song and video. But for Finbar's distraught mother (Aoife Doyle) and Danny, who sit and wait for news, it's as though the pause button of their lives was pushed the night he went missing. After receiving a mysterious phone call from someone claiming to be Finbar, Danny decides to leave town and find out for himself exactly what happened to his friend. His quest takes him from Ireland to Sweden to the edge of the Arctic Circle, where the residents dance the tango as the temperature dips to 40 below. Good thing Danny wanders so far afield: The beautiful ice-blue landscapes are really the only reason to sit through this rambling and rather silly first feature by writer-director Sue Clayton. Surely Finbar Flynn is meant to be a charismatic rebel, a catalyst for Danny's own escape; but Rhys Meyers's shrill performance turns him into a selfish, arrogant brat, the sort of person any small town would be more than happy to be rid of. leave a comment --Ken Fox

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The Disappearance Of Finbar
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