The Bulls' Night Out

2000, Movie, NR, 82 mins


Amateurish performances from nonprofessional actors undermine this ultra-low-budget crime drama. Three aging former police detectives — Louie (Steve Kasprzak), J.J. (A.J. Johnson) and Zap (J.J. Flash) — gather at Park Place, the Brooklyn Bar owned by yet another ex-cop, George (Jack Marnell). The "bulls" reminisce about their glory days and grumble that the neighborhood is going straight to hell, courtesy of the usual drugs and thugs. George keeps an eye on the street action and reports back to the local cops, but they don't seem to be able to get the dealers off the corners. Someone should do something, the old-timers agree, and after beating up a junkie who tries to hold up the bar, they decide that someone might as well be them. So they start prowling by night, putting the fear of God into the bad guys until something goes terribly wrong; when the smoke clears the former cops have killed an undercover DEA agent. Made in 1995 for $37,000 and entangled in a distribution dispute ever since, writer/director Lindley Farley's feature debut could have been a fair, if formulaic, crime picture. But the uniformly awful acting makes it nearly unwatchable and the subplot involving George's daughter Ruby (Jayne A. Larson), who's going to wed a cop-baiting snot (Shane Barbanel) instead of the local boy (Russ Romano) who's secretly loved her for years, seems to exist solely as padding. The "comic" complications arising from George's determination to have the wedding reception in his bar (whether the newlyweds like it or not) aren't the least bit funny. Farley is reportedly planning to remake the film with a cast that includes Roy Scheider, Lou Gossett Jr., Danny Aiello and Armand Assante; it can only be an improvement. leave a comment --Maitland McDonagh

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The Bulls' Night Out
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