The Blair Witch Project

1999, Movie, R, 87 mins


Grimm Exclusive First Look: When Bigfoot Meets The Blair Witch Project

David Giuntoli

Nick's about to get into big trouble — Bigfoot trouble, that is.

On Friday's Grimm (9/8c, NBC), Nick (David Giuntoli) begins to investigate a mysterious case in which the suspected Wesen (guest star Kenneth Mitchell) is suffering from a mysterious malady that prevents him from returning to his human form completely. A therapist (guest star Roger Bart) attempts to suppress the creature within. Unfortunately, science isn't quite up to the challenge, and the side effects are appalling.

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Does Restless, Jerky Bourne-style Camera Work Make You Sick?

Matt Damon in The Bourne Supremacy courtesy Universal Pictures

Question Much has been made about Paul Greengrass handheld-camera work in The Bourne Ultimatum and the fact that both Supremacy and Ultimatum have been hits makes me certain that filmmakers will keep doing it But I cant be the only person who gets nauseous watching these films The incessant movement is difficult to watch Rarely does the camera stop long enough for the viewer to process a shot even the quietest moments cant be still Matt Damon is great and Id like to say I enjoyed the movies but when I have to go home and take something for headache and nausea that cant be good Am I alone in this DarylFlickChick Youre far from alone some critics and a lot of moviegoers have complained about the restless shaky handheld-camera work and superfast editing in The Bourne Ultimatum 2007 in particular and movies in general Filmmakers generally use restless jittery camera work to establish a you-are-there atmosphere sometimes its meant to look as thoug read more

November 19, 2006: Big Brother's Listening

I had a feeling Brad Anderson's Masters of Horror entry, Sounds Like, would be grim. Anderson's critically acclaimed low-budget thriller, Session 9, remains one of the most grim and cerebrally horrifying movies I've ever seen. Whenever I recommend Session 9, I describe it as one of those movies that made me hear things at night. Only two other movies to date have had that effect on me: The Exorcist and The Blair Witch Project. The Exorcist stands out as way more "in the face" (in more ways than pea soup) of the three, but Blair Witch and Session 9 both delivered that subtle, "crawl in the brain and haunt me for days" effect, which is my favorite kind of horror.I believe the most powerful link between these three films is the masterful use of sound, both subliminal and overt. It's no surprise that The Exorcist is known for using subliminal sound throughout the film, as well as huge contrasts between silence and audio assault to increase the feeling of terror and dread. For me, the mo... read more

While this show was on hiatus,...

While this show was on hiatus, I completely forgot about the gross-out factor and that I can't eat while watching this. But noshing on some ice cream while they discuss partially digested human remains and bear excrement was a quick reminder. I sure am glad that this show is back — I missed the odd subject matter and the witty dialogue and sexual tension. I thought it was great that Temperance's boss thinks she should loosen up a little bit. But the good Dr. Bones questioned his motives for shipping her off to Washington State. "Are you suggesting that I take this opportunity to have sex with Booth on a field trip?" Well, she doesn't hook up with Booth, but there is a bit of a lingering question about whether she hooked up with that shipping Charlie — how else did she know so much about his thigh muscles? Or was she just checking them out read more

The brats got a dose of intense...

The brats got a dose of intense struggle this week, followed by some growth. But back to the struggle... Solo camping was on the agenda — three creepy, weepy dark nights and bright days of self-reflection. And all the kids had was an emergency whistle and their camping packs. Heather compared the experience to The Blair Witch Project. When I saw 14-year-old Derek through the green-tinted night-cam sobbing in his sleeping bag, I agreed. But hey, at least there was no mucus! Mountain Wind paralleled Derek's saga to learning "how to swim while you're drowning." True indeed, and Jada needs to drown as well, er, I mean, struggle, in order even to begin her journey of self-awareness. She wrote yet another dishonest, manipulative letter to her folks. It was quite effective: They spoke to program director Flying Eagle to discuss pulling her from the camp. Curious creatures, parents are, as an earlier letter from Jada cla read more

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