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I know it's still summer, but ...

Question: I know it's still summer, but have the networks announced tentative dates for their season premieres? Answer: As of now, the only network not to announce premiere dates is CBS, which will likely launch most of its new and returning shows the weeks of Sept. 17 and 24. Here's how the others shape up: The season kicks off early on Fox, with Prison Break and Vanished on Aug. 21; then the limited reality series Duets on Aug. 29; Justice and Bones on Aug. 30; House and Standoff on Sept. 5; the comedies 'Til Death and Happy Hour on Sept 7; Nanny 911 on Sept. 8; Cops and America's Most Wanted on Sept. 9; Fox's animated comedy lineup plus The War at Home on Sept. 10; and MADtv Sept. 16. (The O.C. won't return until after postseason baseball on Nov. 2.) On ABC, 20/20 officially kicks off Sept. 8; Dancing with the Stars returns Sept. 12 and 13; Wife Swap premieres Sept. 18; Grey's Anatomy and Six Degrees on Sept. 21; Ugly Betty and Men in Trees on Sept. 22; Extreme Makeover: Home read more

Falling Up
The nets reveal their strategies for next season

Brad Garrett, 'Til Death

After attending the networks' upfront presentations all week, the Biz has this analysis of the coming season. (Click here for next fall's grid and new-show descriptions.) CWYou've got to wonder what went wrong in CW's new-series development process if the network had to bring back 7th Heaven — even though the show lost a reported $16 million for WB this past season. But the decision to have CW's inaugural schedule made up of established shows from WB and UPN may end up being a blessing. Many of the shows have small but rabid followings, and promoting new shows on a new network will be tough. The fans of shows like One Tree Hill and Veronica Mars will track  them down on their own. Viewers in the 18-to-34-year-old demographic that CW targets don't watch networks, they watch shows. (According to recent survey, only one in four 1 read more


In an interview with the Nashville Tennessean, The Bachelor: Paris' Travis Stork and Sarah Stone claim that the very show that brought them together led them to break up. Recounting how ABC forced them to steer clear of each other since the finale's November taping — lest word of the outcome leak out — Stork says, "We thought it was going to be this great [relationship], but... over time, when you're not allowed to see someone, you grow apart." Stone says that had she and Stork dated under "normal" conditions, "it definitely would have worked out." Real nice, ABC. read more


What is the deal with The Bachelor: Paris catch Travis Stork and Sarah Stone, the Nashville kindergarten teacher he chose in Monday night's finale? Well, not only has the would-be couple been MIA from the spotlight all week, but the Nashville Tennessean reports that Stone has been seen on the arm of Matt Lauderdale, Titans star Drew Bennett's business partner and roommate. Lauderdale, though, says he and Stone are "strictly just friends."  read more

Bachelor Serves Up Wine, Avoids Cheese

Andrew Firestone shares his Wine Ways

Is The Bachelor: Paris catch Travis Stork still canoodling with Sarah Stone, the kindergarten teach he picked in this week's finale? Who knows. But until the would-be couple come forth, got up to speed on another Bachelor, Season 3 star Andrew Firestone, who has his own big news to share. After all, maybe things have reheated up between him and Jen Schefft, right? No? Maybe he just has a DVD to tout? Tell me about Wine Ways, the new educational DVD you produced and star in. How did it come to be?Andrew Firestone: In a nutshell, what I do in my day job is teach wine tasting, and I really like to focus read more

The Bachelor: Paris As heartbreaking...

The Bachelor: Paris As heartbreaking as Moana's rejection was — and seriously, I nearly teared up watching her in the limo — I have to wonder what she was thinking. The Bachelor was hers to lose. Instead Moana's wackiness left Travis with no choice but to pick Sarah. OK, before you send me more e-mails asking me what I have against Sarah, let me tell you: not a darn thing. I just find her a bit blah (or at least her portrayal on the show), but I appreciated the entertainment value that Moana's issues brought. Moana's random breakdowns were way more interesting than Sarah's "You're perfect for me" chant, which I swore would make me gag if I heard it one more time. In all fairness, if I read more


In the Monday-night ratings, NBC's Deal or No Deal (with 13.5 million total viewers) bested ABC's Wife Swap (9.4 mil), CBS' King of Queens-How I Met Your Mother combo (which averaged 10.3 mil) and Part 1 of Fox's Skating with Celebrities finale (8.7 mil) in the 8 pm hour. Come 9 pm CBS' Two and a Half Men dominated with 17.3 million viewers, trumping the first half hours of Fox's 24 (13.4 mil), NBC's relocated The Apprentice (down from its typical take with just 9.9 mil) and ABC's The Bachelor finale (9.5 mil). Courting Alex dropped the Eye's lead at 9:30 to the back end of 24, which surged to 14.2 mil. At 10 pm, CBS' CSI: Miami ruled with 18 million, compared to 12.8 for the final stretch of Bachelor and 10.4 mil for NBC's Medium. read more

The Bachelor: Paris So the women...

The Bachelor: Paris So the women are back and they might be the cattiest bunch ever. I do enjoy the women-tell-all reunions. It's so much fun watching the gals try to polish their images after they realize that the cameras really were rolling 24/7. I can't believe they turned on Susan like that. She was one of their own, and they made her cry. So not cool. Was Susan acting? I dunno, but between her waterworks skill and her good looks, I'm sure the soaps or Maxim will come calling soon. Kristin — yeah, it was the teeth. You know, <sarcasm> I'm surprised Ali G. skipped the reunion </sarcasm>, but her presence didn't, and we got to see that very special clip one last time. Thank you, ABC. Totally didn't recognize Yvonne with he read more

The fun (and confusion) never...

The fun (and confusion) never stops as the networks continue scrambling their schedules, with a new wave of mid-season changes kicking in the instant the Olympics and February sweeps conclude. As a helpful guide to get you through the exhausting month of March, here's a night-by-night rundown of what to expect (until the next changes are announced): March 1: After a 90-minute American Idol, Fox airs a preview of quasi-improvised slacker sitcom Free Ride (it will regularly air on Sundays starting March 12, replacing American Dad for a while). Invasion is preempted for the annual Oscar-themed Barbara Walters Special, which for the first time is not airing on Oscar night. March 2: read more

The Bachelor: Paris First off,...

The Bachelor: Paris First off, Charlie O'Connell and Nurse Sarah are still together??? Did. Not. Expect. That. Aww, Mary and Byron — so cute. Trista and Ryan are trying for a baby. That's nice. All right, enough with the flashbacks. Tonight was all about the fantasy dates: Moana in Venice, Sarah in Austria and Susan in the French Alps. Let's start with Sarah, who mentioned that she was tired of Travis' little pecks and was ready for a real kiss. Honey, I hate to break it to you, but he's just not that into you. Poor Susan. Travis was attracted to you for sure. I mean you are gorgeous, but the disconnect is too huge. Travis' pet peeve is people telling him what they think he wants to hear. Did you not s read more

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