The Art Of War

2000, Movie, R, 117 mins


Wesley Snipes comes out kicking some serious enemy butt all in the name of peace in his latest martial arts action romp. Here he plays Neil Shaw, a covert operations specialist who's working on the q.t. for the United Nations, specifically Chief of Security Eleanor Hooks (Anne Archer) and Secretary General Thomas (Donald Sutherland). Shaw must uncover an international plot to bring down the world symbol of peace as it prepares to enter into an historic trade agreement with China. However, the discovery of a group of murdered Chinese refugees in New York Harbor and the assassination of the Chinese ambassador to the U.N. might very well squelch the already shaky trade deal and destroy diplomatic relations between the two nations that all the tea in China couldn't — and wouldn't — fix. Shaw, who was assigned to keep tabs on the Chinese ambassador with fellow agents Bly (Michael Biehn) and Novak (Liliana Komorowska), is wrongfully accused of his murder. Of course he's being framed, but by whom? And why? With the help of a beautiful Chinese translator and possible love interest Julia Fang (Marie Matiko), Shaw sets out to unravel the mystery, clear his name and stay one step ahead of FBI honcho Capella (Maury Chaykin) and the angry Chinese Mafia. The winning cast makes the twist-heavy plot plausible, but this is a film in which actions do indeed speak louder than words: Be prepared for realistic, bloody fight sequences in which every shot, punch and thwack are resoundingly heard — and felt. leave a comment --Stephen Miller

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The Art Of War
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