Tarzan, The Ape Man

1981, Movie, R, 112 mins


The Dereks' version of the 1932 classic adventure tale starts off fine enough--over the MGM Leo the Lion logo one hears Tarzan's yell instead of the lion's roar. That is the highlight of the film, however. TARZAN, THE APE MAN is just painfully dull. It tells how Jane (Bo Derek) and her father (Harris) journey to the legendary Elephant Graveyard. Along the way Harris plays St. Francis and calls wild creatures, shouts embarrassingly dumb philosophies to all within earshot, and exhibits an unhealthy attraction for his daughter. Before the final credits, which viewers begin to fear will never come, Bo is stripped and painted white by a crazy tribal leader, hangs out naked with monkeys, and pretends to be a calendar girl on the beach. Somewhere amidst this sexual island fantasy is an actor named O'Keeffe, who plays Tarzan. leave a comment

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Tarzan, The Ape Man
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