Star Trek Iv: The Voyage Home

1986, Movie, PG, 119 mins


With directorial tongue firmly in cheek, Leonard Nimoy again takes the helm (he had begun his career with the lumbering third episode), in this environmentally-minded installment which sends our heroes back in time to 1986 San Francisco. Spock gives a Vulcan pinch to a punk, Kirk gets lost on a bus, and we learn the importance of saving the whales. (A huge space probe is threatening to destroy 23rd-century Earth unless a whale--by then extinct--can be found for it to "chat" with.) By far the silliest and most self-mocking of the series, with the interplay between Spock and Kirk veering somewhere between Hope and Crosby and Cheech and Chong, but also one of the most successful, grossing around $110 million. leave a comment

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Star Trek Iv: The Voyage Home
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