Shoot 'Em Up

2007, Movie, R, 87 mins


DVD Tuesday: Sex, Violence, Endangered Baby: I love Shoot 'Em Up!

Clive Owen in Shoot 'Em Up courtesy New Line Cinema

DVD Tuesday A girl a gun a baby and Clive Owen careen through this sly meta-action movie romp in an exhilarating hail of bulletsWriter-director Michael Davis deliriously trashy mash-up of John Woo and Loony Toons was greeted by a mix of scathing denunciations and cluelessly slavering encomiums applauding its over-the-top excesses rare was the reviewer who deigned to notice its sly poignantly affectionate deconstruction of contemporary action-movie clichs Shoot Em Up tanked at the box office but I suspect its going to find its following on DVD where each and every knowingly audacious frame can be frozen and savored An itinerant carrot-chomping down-on-his-luck man with no name Clive Owen come on Mr Smith is not a name is waiting at a deserted big-city bus stop in the middle of a dark dark night when a hugely pregnant woman waddles by with a gun-toting thug in hot pursuit Smith intervenes you just know he once knew someone like her exc read more

Box Office: 3:10 to Yuma Shows How the West Is No. 1

Christian Bale and Russell Crowe in 3:10 to Yuma courtesy Lions Gate

Maximus plus Batman equals success. The Russell Crowe- and Christian Bale-fronted Western 3:10 to Yuma topped the weekend box office, taking in $14.1 million in its debut. Last week's chart-topper, Rob Zombie's Halloween ($10 million), slipped to the No. 2 spot.Rounding out the top five were Superbad ($8 million), Balls of Fury ($5.7 mil) and The Bourne Ultimatum ($5.48 mil).Clive Owen's Shoot 'Em Up opened at No. 6 with $5.45 mil, barely half of its studio's anticipated gross. read more

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