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VIDEO: Gary Busey Has Spectacularly Confusing Apprentice Finish

Gary Busey

To maximize the hilarity of clip below from this week's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, pretend for a second that you work on the customer-service phones of a steak company (any steak company will do, but if you want to be specific about it, go with Omaha Steaks). Since you work the phones, you know little about corporate decisions and/or your company's participation in a reality show that won't air for months. You're just doing your job, answering undoubtedly inane and entitled inquiries. Your line rings (or flashes or however it works — you're the expert!) and on the other end is this...
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At the Movies: Abrams' Trek Is a Christmas Present

Per Variety, a Christmas Day 2008 release date has been set aside for the new Star Trek feature to be helmed by J.J. Abrams, produced by Lost cohort Damon Lindelof, and penned by Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci (Mission: Impossible III).... Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III) will direct a remake of David Cronenberg's Scanners.... Per the Hollywood Reporter, Alan Arkin will reunite with Little Miss Sunshine costar Steve Carell when he plays "Chief" in the big-screen Get Smart.... M:I:III's Michelle "Don't I look like Kate Holmes?" Monaghan will star opposite Patrick Dempsey in Made of Honor, a romantic comedy about longtime friends who come to want something more just as Monaghan's character is about to wed.... Robert Downey Jr. and Jay Baruchel will star in Tropic Thunder, a Ben Stiller-directed comedy about the making of an epic war film. Downey plays "the greatest actor of his generation," while Baruchel is a newbie. read more

October 26, 2006: Masters of Horror 101

Now Fear This!

Ah... my favorite time of year... the leaves are turning, Halloween plans churning, and Masters of Horror Season 2 is off to a screaming premiere tomorrow night [10PM ET/PT on Showtime]. As I weave my dark web here for the new season, I wanted to give Season 1 a short "re-capitation," and take us all through Season 2 "ghoul school."The Premise and The ExtremeMasters of Horror began as a dinner conversation among acclaimed horror directors, which soon became TV history-in-the-making. Director Mick Garris became the series Creator and Executive Producer, and his vision was to allow the "chosen 13" directors as much creative freedom possible. Showtime was up for this premise, and without MPAA intervention, 13 seriously extreme 1-hour horror films found a home on cable TV.And Then There Were 12The horror and cult community eagerly anticipated the 13th and final episode, directed by Japan's legendary Takashi Miike [Audition; Ichi the Killer]. However, finding it way too extre... read more

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