Saw IV

2007, Movie, R, 95 mins


Saw IV Carves Out an Impressive Box-office Win

Saw IV courtesy Lionsgate Films

The unscreened-for-critics Saw IV topped the weekend box office with $32.1 million, just shy of the $33.6 mil that Part 3 drew in its own debut. That was plenty enough to trump Steve Carell's Dan in Real Life, which opened with $12.1 mil.Rounding out the weekend's top five were 30 Days of Night ($6.7 mil), The Game Plan ($6.3 mil) and Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? ($5.7 mil).Among other, narrower releases, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead opened strongly, while the doc Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains came away with peanuts — $10,573 at seven screens. read more

Saw IV's Tobin Bell Pieces Together Jigsaw's Return

Tobin Bell, Saw IV

Just when you thought he was out... they pull him back in. Over the course of three Saw films, Tobin Bell has created a compelling and brilliant criminal mastermind who's never at a loss for a wicked way to lead a ne'er-do-well to his or her death. Arriving in theaters on Oct. 26, just in time for Halloween, comes Saw IV, a rather "unexpected" additional follow-up for Bell's John Cramer... all things considered. asked the actor to tease just how it is that Jigsaw might be around to kill again. Considering how Saw III ended, how is it that you're in Saw IV?Tobin Bell: Well... Saw... Saw plays with time a lot. They fill in pieces. Saw read more

Saw's Tobin Bell Goes In for a Spectacular Kill

The Kill Point's Tobin Bell

Horror-film buffs know him best as the Saw films' John "Jigsaw" Cramer, but Tobin Bell is the one facing a nightmare this time around in The Kill Point, an eight-hour miniseries premiering Sunday at 9 pm/ET on Spike TV. spoke with the actor about his role in this bank-heist thriller and raised a big question about Saw IV, due out just before Halloween. (Sorry, Michael Myers.) The Kill Point has John Leguizamo as the mastermind behind a bank heist gone awry, Donnie Wahlberg as the chief police negotiator.... Where do you read more

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