Risky Business

1983, Movie, R, 98 mins


TVGN Counts Down the Biggest Star-Making Roles

Richard Gere, Julia Roberts

Remember Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear in Risky Business? Julia Roberts playing a hooker with a heart of gold in Pretty Woman? Robert Pattinson brooding and glowing in Twilight? Every now and then, one memorable role comes along that allows an unknown celebrity to skyrocket to the A list. But what are the biggest star-making roles of all time?

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Exclusive: Revenge of the Nerds Star to Appear on Rules of Engagement

Curtis Armstrong

Revenge of the Nerds star Curtis Armstrong will guest-star on Rules of Engagement this season, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.

The part won't be too big of a stretch for Armstrong: He will ...
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The Closer Exclusive: Revenge of the Nerds Star Sets Sights on Brenda

Curtis Armstrong

Revenge of the Nerds and Moonlighting star Curtis Armstrong has landed a multi-episode arc on The Closer's seventh and final season, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.

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Armstrong will play Peter Goldman, a resourceful attorney hired by the mother of a slain gang member to sue Brenda Leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) and the Los Angeles Police Department. As we first reported, the character is smart, fearless and devious; he makes a natural sparring partner for Brenda... read more

David Cook Does Hit Best Risky Business

Yes, we know Idol is done and over, but our separation anxiety was kicking in. Some of you may not have noticed this commercial during the finale because you fast-forwarded through it or were hitting up the kitchen for a snack. But behold! The power of the Internet has allowed us to show you the new Guitar Hero commercial featuring David Cook doing a killer Tom Cruise impression from Risky Business (expect he upped the stakes from air guitar to plastic guitar). read more

"His Visit: Day Two"

Well I'll start by saying that even though I still don't fully comprehend what's happening in this series, I am even more intrigued after watching the second episode, and I’m excited to see where this show goes. I never really got into NYPD Blue or Deadwood, so I can't pretend to be all that familiar with David Milch's previous work, but I am completely aware of the respect he deserves for his contributions to television by creating shows that challenge viewers to think. Milch is not known to spoon feed his viewers predictable drivel, and I, for one, wouldn't bite if he did. As far as the episode goes, here are my thoughts on round two…Maybe John's gifts aren't limited to what comes out of his pockets. Doesn't it figure that as soon as Mitch relented and allowed Shaun to compete in the surfing competition, Shaun fell off his "stick" and broke his neck? I was very interested by the fact that this happened almost immediately after Freddy slapped John in the face and John ask... read more

Arrested Development Disclaimer:...

Arrested Development Disclaimer: It's hard enough to comment on four episodes of a show that requires multiple viewings to catch every subtle joke; then add in the factor that I'm in mourning here. We haven't heard anything about the potential Showtime deal in weeks. Meanwhile, Fox is stabbing me in the heart with all these "season" finale promos. So, yeah, I'm going to miss some stuff, but please write in and maybe I'll add them in by the end of the day. "Faking It": Honestly, the convoluted details of the case have taxed my short attention span, so I was relieved we'd be treated to the simplicity of the fake trial on "Judge Reinhold." The "My Name Is Judge" talking ads, spoofing on the ubiquitous Earl ads of last fall, marked the night read more

Grey's Anatomy Well, you learn...

Grey's Anatomy Well, you learn a new word every day — now I know what "priapism" means. Interesting that the guy Meredith had a one-night stand with was admitted to the hospital because his erection would not go away, but Alex had the exact opposite problem. Little did Izzie know that Alex's emotional feelings for her were what caused that — since he apparently didn't have the same problem with Olivia. Of course, in true soap-opera style, Izzie just had to walk in on them. Even with a condom, what was Olivia thinking? Alex gave her syphilis — he should be off-limits. But back to Meredith, I loved when Derek found out the erection guy had just been with Meredith. The best line was right before that, when Derek entered the room: "Hello, everybody — what's up?" George's moment wi read more

Halfway through 1986, the show...

Halfway through 1986, the show hooked me in that campy, guilty-pleasure kind of way. And that's despite being hit repeatedly over the head with awkward '80s pop-culture references. I'm going to forget one guy just called Wham! the next Beatles (my apologies to George Michael). What isn't '80s enough about these flashbacks is the hair. I'm sorry. Back then, the hair was big. Like Mt. Everest big. And there was no such thing as too much blue eye shadow. Now, on to the drama: Sure, we've seen it all before, but I admit I want to find out how in 20 years, six buds go from Friends to an episode of Law & Order: SVU. But for now I'm digging the fact that Six Feet Under's Keith is once again a cop. Yeah! And I'm having fun matching the characters to '80s movie icons:

Craig: Looks like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Acts like Pretty in Pink bad-boy James Spader.
Aaron: Just called him Duckie the read more

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