Rancho Deluxe

1975, Movie, R, 93 mins


Frank Perry's second comedy (after DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE) is an underrated anti-western about modern-day cattle rustlers. Jack McKee (Jeff Bridges) and Cecil Colson (Sam Waterston) ply their trade with chainsaws, high-powered rifles and a pick-up truck. When they steal a steer from the ranch of John Brown (Clifton James), a newcomer who sold a profitable restaurant business in Schenectady to make it as a cattle rancher in Montana, the adventure begins. Brown is so bored with his new life that the sleuthing associated with catching the two becomes an obsession. His ranch hands, (Harry Dean Stanton and Richard Bright), no dyed-in-the-wool cowpokes themselves, make a deal with McKee and Colson to relieve Brown of a large portion of his cattle, completely oblivious to the fact that the elderly 'detective' Henry Biege (Slim Pickens) that Brown has brought to the case and his 'niece', Laura (Charlene Dallas), are not nearly as incompetent as they seem. Scripted by novelist Thomas McGuane, RANCHO DELUXE is an often hilarious look at how the vast societal upheaval of the sixties and the creeping industrialization which began at the turn of the century were changing the face of the 'old west.' leave a comment

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Rancho Deluxe
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