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Is a Rambo TV Series in the Works?


A television series based on the Sylvester Stallone action film franchise Rambo is in development.

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Sylvester Stallone Launching Clothing Line Inspired by Rambo and Rocky

Sylvester Stallone

If looks could kill, Sylvester Stallone's new clothing line inspired by his action films Rocky and Rambo might, according to Time.

Debuting in 2012, the collection will feature... read more

More Studios Support Digital Copy: PCs, iPods/Macs, even PSPs!

Family Guy Digital Copy courtesy of Fox Home Entertainment

A few months ago we took a hands-on look at Digital Copy with Family Guy - Blue Harvest. The show's Star Wars parody came to DVD with an extra disc containing a digital file version of the feature which easily copied to a Video iPod, a PC, or a PC-file compatible device (like an Archos media player). It's a handy way to get a "portable" copy of the DVD you've bought, so you don't have to buy it all over again via download to the hard drive of your laptop or a portable video device. But what else is on the way for Digital Copy?· Fox has the biggest support for on-disc Digital Copy so far, but Family Guy was actually their second. Last November's 2-DVD version of Live Free or Die Hard was first. The Blu-ray version didn't have it, though, and it didn't support iPod copies yet either (leaving iPod users AND Macintosh users out in the cold). But this would quickly and easily transfer a nice-looking copy of the film's unrated cut to a PC or compatible device.· Fox then expa... read more

Exclusive: Blu-ray for Rambo II & Rambo III

Rambo: First Blood, Part II courtesy of Carolco Pictures and Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Last weekend Rambo opened in theaters, and as I write this the film has now earned an estimated $25 million at the box office, putting it among the Top 5 money-making movies of the (very short) year so far. There was a lot of doubt that audiences would still have an appetite for Sylvester Stallone's hard-to-stop soldier, but this fourth and final film appears to have struck the same good chord as 2006's Rocky Balboa did: it offers a good way to wrap up the story of a beloved cinema character from a couple-three decades ago, taking into account the fact that both the character and actor have aged, but hopefully blurring the memory of the previous "final" films - both turkeys - that otherwise would have wrapped up those two movie series.All the previous Rocky and Rambo films have long been available on DVD, of course, and Rocky Balboa has since come out on DVD - and Blu-ray Disc - as well. When Rocky Balboa opened in theaters in December 2006, the high definition world was still prett... read more

Box Office: Spartans Draw First Blood, Beats Rambo

Sean Maguire and Kevin Sorbo in Meet the Spartans courtesy 20th Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox's The Spartans not only had 300's number, but John Rambo's, too, topping the weekend box office with an estimated $18.7 million. Rambo (aka "First Blood Part 4," technically, or at least "Rambo III") drew $18.2 mil, in a weekend that was up 32 percent versus a year ago (when Fox's Epic Movie spoof ruled).Rounding out the top five were 27 Dresses ($13.6 million), last week's champ Cloverfield (plunging 68 percent, adding just $12.7 mil) and Diane Lane's Untraceable ($11.2 mil). read more

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