Psychos In Love

1987, Movie, NR, 87 mins


An ambitious low-budget horror parody, PSYCHOS IN LOVE actually contains a few redeeming moments of social satire and is fairly interesting stylistically. Joe (Carmine Copobianco) is a balding, overweight bar owner and self-confessed psycho who despises grapes ("...all kinds of grapes! Purple grapes! Green grapes! Peeled grapes and nonpeeled grapes! Grapes with seeds! Grapes without seeds! Grapes in bunches or in small clumps of twos and threes!") and has problems sustaining a relationship. He picks up attractive women and, when the dates go badly, kills them. Joe's life changes, however, when he meets female psycho killer Kate (Debi Thibeault), who shares his hatred of grapes. Sophomoric, gross, warped, and more than a bit depraved, PSYCHOS IN LOVE succeeds as a low-budget satire of American dating rituals, modern relationships, suburbia, and slasher movies. Although at times the pacing is sluggish and only about half the jokes are funny, it does have a zany originality. Narrated by both Joe and Kate, the film is often self-reflexive as the viewer is reminded throughout that it's all "just a movie" as actors make asides to the camera, or put their hands over the lens, or slap away the mike-boom when it comes into frame. While certainly not for the squeamish, PSYCHOS IN LOVE does have a certain grotesque charm and may achieve a minor sort of cult status among fans of the bizarre. leave a comment

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Psychos In Love
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