Prison Planet

1993, Movie, R, 90 mins


PRISON PLANET is a direct-to-video loser of which the best that can be said is it probably made its creators a profit.

The no-set wonder opens inside an unfurnished building that represents the tyrant planet Anakin, ruled by the evil Akira. A couple of freedom fighters working for Gazarian trash some circuit boards; for this act of mass destruction the perpetually smirking guerilla Blaine (James Phillips) is dumped onto the nameless Prison Planet, a forbidding and desolate place.

But this is exactly as the hero intended, for Prison Planet is where Anakin's righteous King Himshaw was exiled long ago. Blaine goes in search of the revered but somewhat doddering old leader to return him to the throne. First, though, he has to battle Broxton (Michael M. Foley), leader of the Hellbenders, the area's barbarians-in-residence. They clash on foot and on the highway, MAD MAX-style, mainly over ownership of a valuable virgin slave girl Blaine frees (shapely co-producer Deborah Thompson-Carlin). Finally, the good guys wipe out the bad thanks to the treachery of a Hellbenders hanger-on, a ragged con artist named Heinsy (Dave Bean), who switches sides against Broxton at the last minute, telling Blaine "I'm just a businessman."

This extremely low budget film was shot in the desert terrain of Palmdale, California, under the title BADLANDERS, the first syllable of which succinctly sums up the dialogue, direction, pacing, production values, etc. Not even funny enough to be camp, PRISON PLANET's lone sliver of entertainment is Bean and his ratty, runty entrepreneur. (Violence, profanity, sexual situations.) leave a comment

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Prison Planet
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