Peter Pan

2003, Movie, PG, 113 mins


Jason Isaacs: More Than a Bad Brother

Jason Isaacs, Brotherhood

When Jason Isaacs first comes on the phone, he mentions that he is covered in blood. Sounds like an interesting — but not atypically brutal — moment is in the works for Showtime's Brotherhood (Sundays at 10 pm/ET), where he plays prodigal hoodlum Michael Caffee, MIA for seven years and now back home in Providence, Rhode Island, to reclaim his turf, all the whole trying not to sully his legislator brother's political profile. But it turns out that Isaacs — whom you know from such film fare as The Patriot (he popped Mel Gibson's son) and the Harry Potter series — has his hands dirty for a diffe read more

Years and years ago I saw a ...

Question: Years and years ago I saw a movie about an aristocratic family who get stranded on a desert island with their servants and at some point the blue bloods have to acknowledge that the butler and other servants are more inventive, ingenious, resourceful and street-smart than they are. So the servants take charge, until — if my memory serves me correctly — they're rescued, brought back to England and everybody goes back to his or her original position in the pecking order. I saw it as a kid — I'm 43 now — and think it was an older movie already. But every time I think about this adventure/psychological drama, it seems to me that it would be a nice story to remake. Answer: The story is definitely The Admirable Crichton, which started life as a play by James M. Barrie — yes, the man who wrote Peter Pan. It's been filmed three times already, first by Cecil B. DeMille read more

Lost Shannon was killed...

LostShannon was killed by Ana-Lucia.... I so knew that chick was just up to no good. I just knew it! Sure it was an accident — Shannon and Sayid heard whispering, Ana and the other tailies heard weird voices and then bam, one bullet, one gun and one dead survivor. Up until that point in the evening, I was really getting a bit jealous of Shan's island life. She's got Sayid, who built her a hut — which he claims he does "for all the girls I meet on deserted islands" (if that's true, sign me up!) — and professed his undying love for her. Sure she's got hallucinations of Walt (who, according to the local radio station that played his ramblings backwards, apparently said, "The Others are coming; they're close"). But considering that Shan had been hopping from place to place for s read more

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