Passion Of Mind

2000, Movie, PG-13, 105 mins


Between its nocturnal altered states and far too few lucid moments, this dream-heavy snoozer offers viewers little refreshment. Hairstyles are the key to telling which of her dual roles star Demi Moore is playing at any given time. It's hair up as Marty, an aloof, stylish, take-no-prisoners head of a New York literary agency, with all the material trappings: nice Manhattan loft, designer threads and expensive handmade jewelry. She's on the fast track, but she's also daft. It seems when Marty falls asleep, her dreams transport her to a simpler, slower-paced life in the South of France. There her name is Marie — hair down — a bohemian, ex-pat American book reviewer, widow and mother of two girls. Complicating matters further, Marie's dreams are of Marty's career-driven, urban days and nights. Hair preferences aside, Marty/Marie finds this bizarre, symbiotic double life unmanageable: One of them's got to go — but which one? Add to this mish-mash a lover in each dimension — William (Stellan Skarsgard) in France and Aaron (William Fichtner) in New York — and major unresolved mother-daughter issues, and you've got the ultimate internal tug-and-pull crisis. Save for a smattering of stunning photography during the French sequences, and winning performances by Fichtner and Skarsgård, Belgian director Alain Berliner's (MA VIE EN ROSE) American debut is sadly inauspicious. What may have looked good on paper across the Atlantic gets lost in the translation to our shores. Moore, who's in way over her pretty head, should just turn out the lights, pull up the covers and get a good night's sleep. leave a comment --Stephen Miller

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Passion Of Mind
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