1998, Movie, R, 106 mins


So, how about that watchman's job, graveyard shift at the morgue? Law student Martin Bells (Ewan McGregor) thinks it sounds like a golden opportunity to make some money and study for his finals. But damn if creepy stuff doesn't start happening. Like, there's a serial killer running around cutting out prostitutes' eyes to the tune of "This Old Man" -- one of them gets brought in on a gurney in the middle of the night by Inspector Cray (Nick Nolte). And best friend James (Josh Brolin) has some kind of thrill-junkie thing going that's making Martin very nervous, especially when he gets roped into James's sicko mind games with a shaky 17-year-old hooker named Joyce (Alix Koromzay). And as if those jars full of pickled fetuses and those tanks full of God knows what aren't bad enough, there's the night Martin goes to do his rounds and sees a bloody corpse propped against a wall, only to find everything back where it belongs by the time the cranky, weirdo duty doctor (Brad Dourif) arrives. Is he going crazy, or is that crafty psycho killer trying to make everyone believe Martin's a loony, murderous necrophiliac so as to take the heat off himself? Remaking his own 1995 hit NATTEVAGTEN, Danish writer-director Ole Bornedal delivers up a stylish thriller whose murky, shot-through-pond-scum cinematography is its most distinctive feature. Bornedal has a sure hand with atmosphere and knows his way around a suspense setup, but any real fan of serial killer thrillers -- which is to say, anyone who would want to see this movie -- will have the plot sussed before the first eyeball falls. leave a comment --Maitland McDonagh

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