Question: Many years ago, I saw a short, black-and-white horror film on TV; I believe it was part of a trilogy. The setting was a mortuary; an ugly old witch lady had died and the attendant stole a ring from her finger. The dead lady eventually came to life, making faucets drip water and eventually forcing the attendant to choke herself to death; the witch's spell was then apparently passed on to the newly deceased woman. It was very creepy and well filmed. Do you have any idea what it was or how I might get a copy?

Answer: You saw part of Italian director Mario Bava's horror anthology I tre volti della paura (1963); the title literally translates as "Three Faces of Fear," but it was released in the U.S. as Black Sabbath. The segment you remember is "The Drop of Water"; the other two are a giallo-style thriller called "The Telephone" (whose lesbian overtones were eliminated in the English-language dub) and "The Wurdulak," a vampire story starring Boris Karloff. It's available on DVD from Image Entertainment.