Question: While on vacation recently I came across a movie about zombies. The nonzombies were either British or Irish, most of the movie took place during the day, and it was more comedy than horror. The main character was a bit of a wussy guy who was trying to impress a girl with his zombie-fighting abilities, and the majority of what I saw took place in a pub. Can you tell me the title and whether it's available on video?

Answer: You saw Shaun of the Dead (2004), a wickedly funny spin on George Romero 's seminal cannibal-zombie movie Dawn of the Dead (1978). Romero himself got a kick out of the sardonic spin writer-director-star team Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg put on the zombie lore he invented. "I love those guys and I loved Shaun of the Dead," he told me when I interviewed him recently about the DVD debut of Land of the Dead (2005). "It was suspenseful, it was funny, it was horrifying — I thought it was fabulous. And we've become buddies." So much so that Romero gave Pegg and Wright cameo roles in Land of the Dead: You can see them as chained zombies in the carnival sequence. Shaun of the Dead is available on both VHS and DVD.