Question: Please tell me the title of the movie in which Gene Kelly danced with trash-can lids on his feet.

Answer: It's Always Fair Weather (1955), which was originally conceived as a sequel to On the Town (1949). By the time it made it to the screen, the character's names were changed and there were no references to the night they spent together in New York as carefree young sailors on leave. But the idea remains: Soldiers Ted Riley (Gene Kelly), Doug Hallerton (Dan Dailey) and Angie Valentine (Michael Kidd) come through World War II together and before parting ways at the war's end, they promise to meet again in 10 years at Tim's Bar and Grill in New York. But come 1955, they've matured into three very different people — a shady wheeler-dealer, a dissatisfied adman and an upstate diner owner — and after the initial back-slapping and "hey, remember whens…," it looks as though they no longer have anything in common. The trash-can lid sequence features all three leads and takes place during the film's 1945 prologue, as the newly minted civilians kick up their heels in the streets.