Question: A while back, I saw a preview for a movie with Johnny Knoxville in which he's confessing to a priest and his confessions are so bad the priest kicks him out of the church. I haven't heard about it since, but would love to know the title.

Answer: I haven't seen the trailer to which you're referring, but Johnny Knoxville has two completed movies kicking around, one awaiting a belated release and the other playing theaters on a regional basis. The Ringer, a broad comedy directed by Barry Blaustein and executive produced by Bobby and Peter Farrelly, stars Knoxville as an all-around failure who comes up with a scam to rig the Special Olympics by entering under the pretext that he's mentally challenged. It was originally scheduled to open in 2004 and is now slated for a Christmas 2005 release. The other is Daltry Calhoun, a comedy-drama in which Knoxville plays a small-town businessman whose once-thriving business is failing and who's forced to take responsibility for the now-teenaged daughter he abandoned in infancy. It began playing limited dates in September 2005. I'd say The Ringer is the better bet for a flat-out comic scene like the one you described, but Knoxville's characters in both films have ample reason to be in confessionals doing the mea culpa thing.