Question: Is Godzilla a he or a she? I always assumed he, but then someone told me that Godzilla is really female. What's the truth? — Shaun

Flickchick: At the heart of the "Godzilla is a girl" debate lies Minya, or Baby Godzilla. The fat-faced, smoke-ring-blowing spawn of Godzilla hatched from a giant egg first appeared in Son of Godzilla (1967). Since there's no Mrs. G in sight, smart alecks suggested that the big guy was actually a big girl — thunder thighs and baby's-got-back caboose and all — while others defended Godzilla's masculinity (as though Godzilla needs defending by the likes of you and me) by suggesting that he must have adopted Minya. Adopting an orphaned rival doesn't sound very Godzillaish, but I suppose it could happen. In 2004, I had the opportunity to pose this very question to Haruo Nakajima, 75, the Toho contract player who reigned from inside the Godzilla suit from 1954 to 1972. Nakajima — a world-class good sport — said that "[Toho effects master] Mr. Tsuburaya created Baby Godzilla because [Son of Godzilla] was aimed at children. As to the gender of Godzilla, I do not know!" If Mr. Nakajima doesn't know, well then, how could any of us presume to?