Question: A long time ago I saw a Western that I really enjoyed and want to buy it, but I can't remember the title. It was about this town where legends like Buffalo Bill and Jesse James went after they died to have another chance at life; the town is invaded by pillaging and terrorizing robbers, but they aren't allowed to fight back.

Answer: I question the phrase "a long time ago" in reference to a film that debuted on cable in 1999, but the Western you want is called Purgatory. It's about a mysterious town called Refuge that is stranded between Heaven and Hell; if the deceased gunslingers can spend 10 years there without resorting to their old violent ways, they'll be forgiven their Earthly sins. The excellent cast includes Sam Shepard as Wild Bill Hickok, Randy Quaid as Doc Holliday, Donnie Wahlberg as Billy the Kid, J. D. Souther as Jesse James and Eric Roberts as baddie Blackjack Britton. It's available on DVD from Warner Home Video.