Spider-Man 3's Venom courtesy Sony Pictures Releasing
With the insane success of The Dark Knight and massive buzz over The Watchmen, it's no surprise that Sony is moving forward with Venom, a Spider-Man spinoff based on a villain, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The slimy-gooey creature, originally introduced by Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3, would be a way to breathe new life into the aging Spiderman franchise. However, the studio isn't yet convinced that Topher could carry a "tentpole" picture, and because Venom can change form, the door is open for another - bigger - star to play the role.

There's also a fourth Spider-Man film in the works for 2011.

What do you say, Spidey fans? Are you psyched for a bad guy to take center stage? And who would make a good Venom? - Erin Fox

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