Seth Rogen by Steve Granitz/; Jay Baruchel by Jeffrey Mayer/
Just when you were getting used to the idea of Seth Rogen as a winged superhero, he's set to star in yet another hero movie - sort of. The recent Green Hornet pick will headline Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse alongside Jay Baruchel, in which the pair will "play" average guys who suddenly face the apocalypse.

Per Variety, the film's based on a short comedy from Rogen and his Superbad cowriter, Evan Goldberg, as well as on a story by Goldberg and Jason Stone.

While several production companies have been in the running to nab the film, Mandate Pictures got the rights. Filming is said to begin sometime in '09. With this second world-saving movie ready to go, is Seth Rogen becoming America's next superheo? Let's hope he's stronger than he looks. - Anna Dimond

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