Ron Moore by Albert L. Ortega/
As if Ron Moore wasn't busy enough with finishing up the last epic season of Battlestar Galactica, gearing up to shoot its prequel pilot, Caprica and tackling the new series Virtuality, the Hollywood Reporter announced that he's inked a deal with United Artists to create an original sci-fi trilogy for the theatrical release. This guy won't be sleeping for the next seven years.

Moore worked with UA CEO Paula Wagner (as in Tom Cruise's producing partner), nearly 10 years ago when she was producing (the awful) Mission Impossible II, on which he was given a "story" credit. Wagner said, "Over the last decade, Ron has emerged as the foremost sci-fi, fantasy creator/writer in the industry, and working with him to bring his creative talents to the big screen is a great partnership for our studio."

As long as it doesn't involve a character named Xenu, I think we'll all be onboard to check out Moore's trilogy. - Erin Fox

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