Robert Rodriquez by Jeffrey Mayer/ and Rose McGowan by Tony Barson/
If Wanted's Angelina Jolie seems badass, Robert Rodriguez is upping the ante with a remake of Red Sonja, starring Rose McGowan as the vengeful, comic-book icon.

The film, which centers on a woman who's hell-bent on avenging her family's deaths, will revisit the graphic vixen's tale on the big screen. The original Sonja (1985) starred modern-day icons (of sorts), with Brigitte Nielsen as the red-head and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the muscle-y, pre-Governator Kalidor.

Neither Rodriguez nor McGowan is new to such dark material, but is this a story you're ready to see play out again? For some of us, it invites a viewing of the original cinematic take before a modern-day opinion can be slashed together. - Anna Dimond

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