Question: When I was young, I saw an old movie about a plane crashing in the desert. At the end, the survivors are playing baseball and vanish one by one, because they're actually dead and their plane has been found. Do you have any idea of the title of this movie? Delores

I've seen parts of a TV movie two different times, once in the early to mid-'70s and again in February 1987 (I remember that date because the doctor and I were watching it as my wife was in labor with our first child). It's about a WWII air crew that crashes in North Africa; the crew is marooned, except for one man who parachuted out too soon. The crew think they've survived, but in the end it turns out they're ghosts. I've been trying to find out the name of the movie for years. Brian

When I was a kid I'm 38 now I saw a movie about a bunch of army men and a downed plane in a desert. Throughout the movie, as they wondered whether people were looking for them, they would find their dog tags. Whenever a crew member found his dog tags he would disappear, and they realized they were actually dead. I would really love to see this movie again. Mary

Flickchick: When it rains, it pours (II). Okay, I confess that I've been hanging on to Brian's question for a while, but the other two came in on the same day earlier this week. The movie everyone is looking for is the made-for-TV drama Sole Survivor (1970), starring Richard Basehart, William Shatner and Vince Edwards. The story was inspired by the 1959 discovery in the Libyan desert of the remains of the bomber plane "Lady Be Good," which had vanished without a trace during WWII; screenwriter Guerdon Trueblood gave the tale an eerie, Twilight Zone-ish twist that seems to be a big part of the reason people remember it so vividly. I've seen it listed for sale online at sites like Robert's Hard to Find Videos (; I've never had any dealings with this company, but you might want to investigate further.