Question: I watch a lot of old movies and came into one in the middle. It had no stars I recognized, other than two fabulous young dancers, African-American brothers who did unbelievable splits, often from great heights and after running up the sides of walls. The movie was about newlyweds who had to adjust to the fact that the husband was a trumpet player who traveled a lot. The movie was also about the rest of the band, and their catty wives and girlfriends. There were two famous songs in the movie — "Serenade in Blue" and, I think, "At Last." Can you tell me the name of the movie, the song at the end and the dancing brothers? — Ira

Flickchick: The dancers are the Nicholas brothers, Fayard and Harold. Nicholas, the younger of the two by three years, died last year (July 3, 2000) and Harold is still alive and amazingly spry for a man of 88. And the movie was certainly Orchestra Wives (1942), starring George Montgomery as the young man with a horn and Ann Rutherford as his new bride. "Serenade in Blue" and "At Last" are both in the film, and I think the closing number was "I've Got a Man in Kalamazoo" (the Variety review singled out the Nicholas brothers as "showstoppers" in the finale). Orchestra Wives is available on videotape.