Question: When I was seven or eight, I saw a movie about a race of future women who used a time machine to come to the present on some kind of mission. They could hypnotize people with their nail polish and wore weird silver shoes. These images have stuck in my mind ever since... Is this a real movie, or was it a dream? GPChak

Flickchick: I think your childhood self was mesmerized by Terror from the Year 5000 (1958), a very low-budget picture set in the Florida swamps. In it, a scientist creates a time machine and uses it to transport objects from the future. Eventually, an inhabitant of the future pays a visit: She's a hideously mutated woman who can create the illusion that she's young and beautiful, and yes she's got hypno-fingernails. The future woman was played by the exotically named Salome Jens (of Milwaukee, Wis.), who has more recently been featured in TV's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as a changeling. Terror from the Year 5000 was featured on episode 807 of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and gets the usual (well-deserved) drubbing.