Question: I heard many years ago that Alfred Hitchcock always made brief, mostly well-hidden appearances in his films. I've seen Psycho many times, but I've never been able to spot him. Is he there? Eric

Flickchick: When it rains it pours... no one has ever asked me about Hitchcock's cameo in Psycho, and now I get two pieces of email in one day. Hitchcock's Psycho cameo is a brief and unobtrusive one right near the beginning of the movie. In fact, during the latter part of his career the director said he always tried to make his appearance early so people wouldn't spend half the film concentrating on spotting him rather than paying attention to the story. After Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) has returned to work from her lunchtime rendezvous with her boyfriend, the director's portly figure can be glimpsed through the real estate office's front window. He's wearing a most uncharacteristic cowboy hat.