Question: A couple of months ago I saw some old, short Sherlock Holmes movies on a PBS station. They starred Ronald Howard as Holmes and H. Marion-Crawford as Watson. I can't find any information about either of them anywhere! — Diana D

Flickchick: You need to snoop around some of the extensive Sherlock Holmes sites on the Web: You know those die-hard fan types ? they're completists. For starters, what you saw weren't movies, but episodes of a 1954 TV series, produced in the U.S. but shot in France. There were a total of 39 episodes; most were original stories, but they were set at the end of the 19th century rather than updated (as many of the Basil Rathbone&#150Nigel Bruce Holmes movies were). The series ran on NBC in 1954 and 1955 as The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and did indeed star Leslie Howard's son Ronald (1918-1996) and H.[oward] Marion-Crawford. A number of episodes are on tape (two to a cassette) under the collective title "The Sherlock Holmes Collection"; they're available online from major retailers like Amazon.