Question: I've heard there's an Austin Powers 3 coming out. Do you know when? — Gemma

Flickchick: Summer 2002. Austin Powers 3 is due to start shooting later this year (original reports said spring, but it's a little later than that) and will be a prequel set in the 1950s, when Mike Myers's Austin and Dr. Evil are rival classmates. Fashion-forward Austin is, of course, single-handedly responsible for the British music invasion and the birth of Swinging London; the less-stylish Dr. Evil can only seethe. The plot also involves Austin's search for his long-lost parents, and rumor has it that '60s femme fatal Honor Blackman, of TV's The Avengers and Goldfinger (she played Pussy Galore), might be cast as Austin's mom, and that Sean Connery, of the naturally hirsute chest, may play his dad. But nothing has been confirmed. And that will have to hold you for now.