Question: I'm a minister, and back in the mid-to-late '80s thoroughly enjoyed a movie starring Jack Warden about three mental patients who heard the Christmas story and set out to find the baby Jesus. They stole "Wise Men" costumes and camels and at the end found a homeless women and her baby. I can't remember the title, and it might have been a TV movie. Can you help? Grant

Flickchick: The good news is, I can tell you what you're looking for. The bad news is, I can't tell you where to get it. The movie you saw was The Three Kings (1987), a made-for-TV movie produced by Aaron Spelling (so naturally, his then-teenage daughter Tori had a small role) and scripted by acclaimed writer Stirling Silliphant. Jack Warden, Lou Diamond Phillips and Stan Shaw play three patients in an L.A.-area mental institution who are taking part in a Christmas pageant. In costume as the Wise Men, they're struck by the shared delusion that they're the real thing and set out camels and all to find the Baby Jesus, followed by TV crews thrilled to be getting a fresh spin on the tired old feel-good holiday stories. As far as I can determine, this movie has never been available on videotape.